This Christian charity faces a jaw-dropping war imposed on it by Facebook that will leave you red with rage

Facebook declared war on Christian charities.

No one expected who would be impacted most.

And you’ll be red with rage after hearing the jaw-dropping war Facebook just imposed on Christian charity.

Reports are making their way around the internet about the social media giant not censoring hate-filled images and videos posted by Islamic terrorists.

Yet in November, London-based Aid to the Church in Need UK launched a Facebook campaign to try and assist Christian women being abused by Muslim extremists in several African and Middle Eastern countries.

The group’s Facebook campaign was the result of a report outlining the atrocities and how these Christian women were being kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim extremists.

Apparently, Facebook doesn’t want to help Christian women being forced into abusive marriages because the campaign has since been censored.

According to reports, about a week after the campaign started Facebook told the group it was cutting the number of ads it could post but the social media tyrant didn’t give any reason as to why it was doing this.

“People hide and report ads because they find them to be offensive, misleading, sexually inappropriate, violent, about a sensitive topic or for other reasons,” was all Facebook said.

Aid to the Church in Need provides assistance and pastoral care to people in need and promotes the Catholic Church globally, so how Facebook could deem them inappropriate is once again nothing more than a veiled attempt to take down Christians.

Facebook eventually told the group that it was “reviewing the matter,” but gave no timeline as to when they’d have a final decision.

“By curbing this campaign, [Facebook is] silencing these women twice over,” the group’s National Director Neville Kyrke-Smith said.  

“They are silenced when they are seized from their homes and forced to live with their abductors, and have now been silenced again by Facebook,” he continued.

Both Catholic News Agency and MRC Free Speech America tried to get a hold of Facebook to discuss the matter, but neither organization has received an answer.

Christianity is under attack worldwide and social media platforms like Facebook are only serving to increase those attacks.

Facebook has repeatedly censored pro-Christian content while letting Islamic terrorist groups run free on the platform.

It’s high time people wake up to what is really happening.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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