This app for so-called “menstruating persons” just lowered the hammer on kids with one disturbing announcement

Silicon Valley believes the future of American society hangs on their decisions.

They may be right with children facing threats today never before imagined.

And this app for so-called “menstruating persons” just lowered the hammer on kids with one disturbing announcement.

Big Tech continues to wield its power by censoring anything that doesn’t align with Biden and the Democrats’ authoritarian world view.

It isn’t about supposed “misinformation,” it’s about beating people into submission through fear.

And it’s not just Facebook and YouTube anymore, now a pregnancy app is censoring COVID information.

According to a report in The Washington Post a popular pregnancy app is now actively censoring so-called “vaccine misinformation.”

Over the last few months many pregnancy apps have faced controversy for allowing content that questions the safety, efficacy and necessity of childhood vaccinations.

In the past content on these apps was posted very freely and discussion between expectant mothers was encouraged.

But app maker What to Expect just announced its “Pregnancy & Baby Tracker” app – which reports close to 2 million users a month – is banning so-called “conspiracy theorists.”

It appears that the free flow of information between expectant mothers is no longer acceptable since the CDC updated the COVID vaccine guidelines.

“By late November, a review of its forums turned up far fewer posts casting doubt on vaccines’ safety and more signs of posts and threads that had been taken down,” The Washington Post reported.

One mom, who gave birth in August, says the app has changed.

“It changed,” Mayshaya Engel stated.

Engel added that she noticed more content encouraging expectant mothers to get vaccinated. “It was like [the app was] kind of, like, more ‘for it’ — for pregnant moms getting vaccinated.”

Vice President of the app, Christine Mattheis says they have “gradually redefined how we moderate posts about vaccines.”

In other words, they decided to jump the Big Tech lefty bandwagon and start blocking content that doesn’t fall in line with Biden and the Democrats’ agenda, but sure you can call it “redefining.”

“We drew the hardest line when the CDC began explicitly recommending that pregnant people get vaccinated, and released a lot of data showing that not getting vaccinated is far more dangerous than the shot itself,” Mattheis continued.

Once again the Left has decided that people are not smart enough to make decisions for themselves, so they must dictate what information can and cannot be shared.

This is, of course, the same group who believes in calling women “menstrating persons” and expectant mothers “pregnant persons”, so this shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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