The Washington Post just muzzled themselves after they worried this one tweet would make President Biden horrible

The corporate-controlled press has destroyed its credibility over the past five years.

The media’s hatred of Donald Trump truly brought out their ghoulishness.

Now, The Washington Post just muzzled themselves after they worried this one tweet would make President Biden horrible.

Joe Biden’s presidency has been a disaster and he has many faults to criticize, but not for the reasons that the Left thinks.

According to The Washington Post, Biden is spending too much time attending funerals and not passing socialistic boondoggles like the Build Back Better agenda.

The Post suggested that going to funerals was not the best use of Biden’s time.

People on both the Left and the Right hammered The Post for its notoriously bad take.

The backlash caused the paper to delete the tweet.

Biden’s behavior at memorial services has been questioned after he got caught looking at his watch multiple times during a transfer ceremony for Marines that were killed during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But it’s truly bizarre to criticize the act of going to a service itself.

Democrats and their media allies are growing impatient.

They know that a red wave is coming and the Democrats will likely lose control of both the House and the Senate.

If that happens, Biden’s legislative agenda is dead going into 2024.

Time is running out, therefore Biden cannot waste it going to funerals for dead people that serve no purpose to the Democrats.

Of course, The Post may have realized calling Biden out for going to funerals also reminds people of his advanced age and declining mental abilities.  

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