The New York Times is scrambling to clean up this embarrassing mistake

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Gone are the days of journalistic integrity within America’s largest media companies.

Instead of reporting the facts, many newspapers and news stations are more interested in perpetuating their radical agenda.

And the New York Times is scrambling to clean up this embarrassing mistake.

Newspapers and other media outlets are playing politics instead of reporting the truth

At one point, the New York Times has a reputation as one of the most seminal newspapers in the world.

For the most part, the New York Times was trusted to deliver facts and important stories.

These days, the New York Times has transformed into a liberal rag that only cares about catching Trump and trashing anybody who does not align with the extreme far-left.

On April 13th, the New York Times published an article containing a number of blatant lies.

New York Times reporter Michael Crowley wrote an article about the infamous Edward Snowden leaks which revealed the massive data collection activities of the National Security Administration (NSA).

Within the first three paragraphs of his article, Crowley claims that Snowden handed his information directly to wikileaks, which is flatly false.

Snowden handed them off to journalist Glenn Greenwald, who published them via a legitimate editorial process.

Furthermore, Michael Crowley claimed that Snowden revealed that the NSA was spying on then German Chancellor Angela Merkel which is also false.

The revelation that the NSA was monitoring Merkel’s phone came from a Danish Defense Intelligence Service internal investigation.

Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who broke the Snowden scandal took to Twitter saying “This story was published by the NYT 12 hours ago. Numerous top editors who oversaw the publication of our reporting — then-Guardian-editor-in-chief @janinegibson and Intercept’s @MargotWilliams — quickly corrected them, but the paper ignored it, still has these errors up.”

Greenwald then tweeted “The entire liberal corporate media just banded together to proclaim the TwitterFiles debunked based on 2 minor errors with acronyms (which, as @lhfang proved, were not, in fact, errors). These NYT errors are in a different universe.”

The New York Times owes it to its audience to report the truth

The fact that the New York Times published Crowley’s article, despite Glenn Greenwald’s attempts to correct the errors, shows that the paper is uninterested in telling the truth.

Fewer Americans than ever trust the media, especially the mainstream media, and articles like this explain why.

Papers like the New York Times have an obligation and responsibility to report the truth.

These errors erode trust in the New York Times and call everything they report into question.
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