The New York Times is furious people are using one growing platform

Joe Biden’s failed presidency is exposing the frailty of the establishment.

Elites are losing control of the narrative.

Now, The New York Times is furious people are using one growing platform.

Legacy media outlets have been bullying independent tech companies for the last few years.

They want to ensure every tech firm is under the control of establishment institutions like The New York Times.

That’s why The New York Times is taking aim at search engine DuckDuckGo, a growing alternative to Google.

Google is firmly seated at the establishment table, as the corporation shares the same values as global elites.

So now, The New York Times wants to put Google’s competitor DuckDuckGo under its thumb by smearing them as a platform for conspiracy theorists.

The Times wrote that, “[right-wing Americans] have increasingly embraced fledgling and sometimes fringe platforms like the chat app Telegram, the video streamer Rumble and even search engines like DuckDuckGo, seeking conditions that seem more favorable to their conspiracy theories and falsehoods.”

In other words, if people don’t want grossly manipulated search results, they must be conspiracy theorists.

People just want to know that what they search for will show up.

The New York Times added that “DuckDuckGo said it ‘regularly’ flagged problematic search terms with Bing so they could be addressed. After The Times shared some data on search results for numerous terms spread by conspiracy theorists, several of the search results changed entirely, shifting to favor more trustworthy sources.”

So, The Times is already harassing DuckDuckGo, attempting to get the company to manipulate its search results in the way that Google does.

But, The New York Times article ignored a big piece of the puzzle.

Many people, including liberals, use DuckDuckGo because of privacy concerns.

The Washington Post ran a piece revealing how Google products like Search and Chrome are bad for privacy because they sell the data to advertisers.

As one user put it:

“I am neither a conservative influencer nor a conspiracy theorist — indeed, I’m a moderate liberal — and I have used DuckDuckGo for many years now. There is one reason: I don’t want my search engine tracking and recording every search I make. I’m not doing anything illegal, but have zero interest in surrendering that information to Google.”

But the establishment has become a blunt-force instrument that only knows how to smear and censor.

Elites don’t want people to find the information they’re searching for, so somebody has to do something.

Alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo and Brave will only grow in popularity as Google continues to violate privacy and manipulate search results.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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