The Left is fuming with anger after Tucker Carlson got massive news despite their calls to cancel him

Left-wing media outlets and activist groups are demanding Tucker Carlson be pulled off the air.

He speaks too much truth day-in and day-out and therefore must be silenced. 

But now the Left is fuming with anger after Tucker Carlson got massive news despite their calls to cancel him. 

The Left has demanded Tucker Carlson be pulled off the air for years. 

Every time he speaks the truth in a way the Left doesn’t like they increase their calls for his show to be canceled. 

And those calls reached a fever pitch when he exposed the real reason Democrats want to open the borders. 

He pointed out that the Left, by their own admission, wants to import people from the third world who are more likely to vote for the Democrat Party, in order to dilute the votes of current American citizens. 

This is exactly what happened to California in the ‘80s, when millions of illegal aliens were given amnesty. 

The historically Republican state then became a left-wing stronghold that will very likely never vote statewide to elect a Republican ever again. 

Anybody with a brain knows this is true, including the elites who control the Democrat Party.

But to try to silence anybody pointing this fact out, they label the factual statement of these facts as “white supremacy.” 

They were hopeful that this label would finally end Tucker Carlson.

But in reality, it has made him stronger if anything. 

He now has a daytime show, Tucker Carlson Today, on top of his massively popular Tucker Carlson Tonight.

And the latest ratings show that Carlson is the most viewed news host on network television, by a lot. 

His 8:00 PM show slot is the only show to reach over 3 million viewers, with Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow being the only hosts to come close to topping him. 

This is the reason the Left cannot cancel him.

They have succeeded with other Fox hosts like Lou Dobbs, who was canceled over questioning the results of the 2020 election. 

But Dobbs didn’t bring in close to the amount of eyes that Carlson does on a daily basis. 

Canceling Tucker Carlson would hurt Fox News more than it would hurt Tucker Carlson, who could simply bring his viewers somewhere else, like Newsmax. 

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