The internet is ablaze after Joe Biden’s latest disinformation scheme is unveiled

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Inflation skyrocketed really the moment Joe Biden took the office.

Joe Biden and the radical Left’s tax-and-spend agenda is bankrupting the United States, causing many nations to look elsewhere for their reserve currencies.

But, the internet is ablaze after Joe Biden’s latest disinformation scheme is unveiled.

When Donald Trump was President, inflation was under 2%, and the American economy was stronger than ever before.

But the second Joe Biden took charge, everything changed.

Inflation remains sky-high, and the dollar is worth less than at any other time in recent memory, due to the Left’s tax-and-spend agenda.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden recently unveiled a new program designed to police so-called “disinformation” that comes with a hefty $1.9 million price tag.

Biden announces big spending on taxpayer-funded “disinfo” program

More specifically, this program is under the American Spaces Digital Literacy and Training Program, which is under the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the State Department.

According to the State Department, the purpose of this office is designed to allegedly “embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all aspects of its work,” and “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”

The $1.9 million grant is designed to assist this office in training educators, government employees, and technology experts to train others in the dangers of so-called disinformation.

However, when pressed about the details of this program, a spokesman for the State Department said “The U.S. Department of State grant process is administered consistent with applicable federal law and policies, including with respect to bias and preferential treatment.”

Additionally, “The department cannot comment further on its selection process with respect to this particular request for proposals and potential awards and implementation and deployment strategies.”

Lack of transparency on disinformation program seems like disinformation itself

When Joe Biden ran for President, he claimed that transparency would be a critical aspect of his administration.

However, over the last couple of years or so, Joe Biden has cemented himself as one of America’s least transparent Presidents.

This $1.9 million grant, which is effectively designed to teach people how to silence free speech, is a prime example.

Joe Biden and his underlings refuse to give Americans more details about these expensive, taxpayer-funded programs because they know the public would not approve of them.

The sad truth is, $1.9 million is pennies when it comes to federal government spending, which exemplifies the insane amount of money the government wastes on a daily basis.

Wasteful spending, regardless of the amount, is the last thing America needs. Wasteful programs such as this one highlight Washington’s out-of-control spending problem.

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