The Clintonworld BLM takeover just kicked off with a top Black Republican at the top of the target list

Hillary Clinton has never gotten over losing to Donald Trump.

It looks like her cronies are preparing her a new army of foot soldiers ahead of 2024. 

And the Clintonworld BLM takeover just kicked off with a top Black Republican at the top of the target list.

Black Lives Matter and other far-left extremist groups have captured the Democratic Party and quickly became the Left’s best fundraising tool in 2020.

The organization raked in $11 billion, and nobody knows where the money went.

Now, it looks like Clintonworld operatives want to tap into BLM as a fundraising mechanism for a Hillary Clinton comeback after rampant malfeasance within the organization spurred Clinton lawyer Marc Elias to step in.

And an ugly scene at the University of Buffalo involving former Republican Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West may signal they’re preparing to use BLM as their army of grassroots foot soldiers too.

It’s not surprising Clinton would want to usurp Black Lives Matter since the group and other radicals have been allowed to run amok and serve as an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.

She wants street radicals who she can wash her hands of who the media have already proven they’ll look the other away when things turn violent and the University of Buffalo event with West may have been the dry run.

The Young American Foundation invited West to speak, and he was hounded by an unhinged mob.

Security had to escort Lt. Col West out of the venue after the speech.

Worse yet, the campus organizer for the event was hunted by the mob, and chased into a campus bathroom.

The Daily Mail reported that a “University of Buffalo student said she was ‘hunted down’ by a woke mob screaming ‘no justice, no peace,’ after she invited prominent black Republican Lt. Col. Allen West to speak on how he overcame racism. Therese Purcell, president of the Young Americans for Freedom, a campus club that organized the event, said she and her fellow members only wanted to bring these open dialogues of racism to campus. But protests erupted after the filled-to-capacity event, leading to an angry mob that chased Purcell, leaving her afraid of what would have happened if she wasn’t able to hide from them.”

Purcell took refuge in a bathroom and called police, remaining inside for two hours as the mob looked for blood.

Purcell said, “While they were screaming that we were trying to silence black voices, we were actually trying to bring this conversation to campus…But instead of asking questions, they resorted to violence.”

It is the height of leftist absurdity to witness overprivileged college kids lecture Allen West about race and oppression in America.

Universities, and increasingly K-12 schools, have turned students into political zombies, calling for a revolution that they do not understand.

It’s quite clear why top Democrats like Hillary Clinton want to encourage and usurp these radicals.

In 2020, far-left activists were essentially given a stand-down order after election night by Democratic bigwigs, a fact that was revealed in a Time Magazine piece written by Molly Ball.

If Clinton runs in 2024, she will have street radicals at her beck and call to silence anyone opposing her.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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