The CDC is making one insane bid to control every word American teachers utter

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) seemingly became the most powerful entity in the world.

Now it’s flexing those muscles again to push a sick leftist agenda.

And in the process, the CDC is making one insane bid to control every word American teachers utter.

During the Covid-19 pandemic anyone who refused to mask up, get jabbed, and parrot the CDC’s illogical claims perfectly was likely to find themselves unemployed.

Even questioning the health Dictocrats’ every whim off the clock could get social media users banned.

Biden CDC just kicked their jackboots into schools again with new gender mutilation “assessment tool”

The leftists in charge are now using that social training program in an attempt to get teachers to brainwash children with their aggressive sexual confusion agenda.

In their ongoing effort to paint every political priority as a “health issue” the CDC is pushing an so-called “assessment tool” to “measure” the degree to which school administrators and teachers are onboard with the Left’s most radical efforts to groom children with their deviant concepts.

The quiz is used to browbeat teachers into everything from putting up “visual labels” in their classrooms that represent a broad range of gender identities and sexual orientations among students to ensuring content and supporting materials are LGBTQ inclusive (e.g., ensure LGBTQ people, history, events, and resources are presented).”

The 30-page guide also demands that educators use supposedly gender-neutral terms for anatomy as ridiculous as referring to a “body with a penis” and a “body with a vagina.”

The fact that an agency funded with taxpayer dollars is pushing this nonsense right down to including a “Gender Unicorn” graphic from a leftist organization targeting students is truly stunning.

While America’s all powerful health agency is pushing this bizarre and sick deviant behavior, even historically leftist nations are putting some limits on the nonsense.

In fact, notoriously socialist countries have started applying the brakes to the aggressive childhood gender change agenda.

In 2021 Finland, Sweden, and Britain all started issuing warnings about sex change procedures.

Korlinska Hospital in Sweden even announced that it will not prescribe sex changed drugs to minors.

But rather than focus on real health issues—like whether government paid scientists are cooking up special viruses in labs while pharmaceutical companies enrich themselves off every manufactured crisis—the United States’ CDC is obsessed with making sure American teachers are using a vocabulary approved by unhinged left-wing radicals.

Parents can only imagine what will happen to the schools with a high number of teachers who reject the CDC trying to strong-arm them into going along with the Left’s gender mutilation agenda.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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