The Biden administration is quiet on what Facebook did to worsen the border crisis

Joe Biden has weaponized the Executive Branch against political opponents just as Barack Obama did.

There was a mad scramble to sic the FBI on parents protesting school board meetings.

But the Biden administration is quiet on what Facebook did to worsen the border crisis.

Joe Biden has made the border crisis worse every day that he’s been in office.

On day one, he reversed all of Donald Trump’s efficacious border policies such as “Remain in Mexico,” which significantly cut down on the number of bogus asylum claims.

Now the Biden administration seems to have little enthusiasm in investigating Facebook’s role in facilitating illegal immigration into the country.

From Fox News:

“In response to a request for a federal probe into Facebook over its policies regarding the potential use of the platform by human smugglers and sex traffickers, the Department of Justice declined to comment, citing longstanding department policy to neither confirm nor deny the existence of investigations. Fox News exclusively reviewed a Nov. 17 letter by DOJ in response to a request by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for the department to look into the social media giant’s practices. Brnovich wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Oct. 14 urging the department to investigate Facebook’s ‘facilitation’ of illegal migration into the United States after the tech giant said that it allows users to share information related to human smuggling and entering a country illegally.”

There are many forces pushing for more immigration—both legal and illegal—into the country, some for ideological reasons and some to make money.

Whatever the season, America’s porous southern border needs to be addressed.

Instead, special interests want to keep the immigration system broken so there’s an endless flow of people coming into the country.

Facebook has been under increased scrutiny for a host of issues, and cartel activity is one of them.

A DOJ spokesman replied to Arizona AG Brnovich’s query with the following statement:

“With respect to your specific concerns about Facebook, the Department takes allegations of criminal wrongdoing seriously…Although we appreciate having the benefit of your views, as you may know, longstanding policy and practice of the Department prevents us from discussing allegations further or confirming the existence or commencement of any investigation.”

That is in stark contrast to the DOJ investigation into “dangerous” parents speaking out at school board meetings after the National School Board Association complained to Attorney General Merrick Garland, and he launched an FBI probe at breakneck speed.

It seems friends of the Biden regime get special treatment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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