Study suggests Michael Jordan may never have amassed shoe empire today – and you won’t believe why

Michael Jordan and his “Air Jordans” are world famous.

But the most famous University of North Carolina Tarheel products of all time came out of a different time.

Now, a Tarheel study suggests Michael Jordan may never have amassed his shoe empire today – and you won’t believe why.

During the 1990 U.S. Senate race in North Carolina between Democrat challenger Harvey Gantt and incumbent Republican Jesse Helms,  basketball legend Michael Jordan famously stated “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

That would have gotten him immediately canceled today.

But he was right.

In the years following, millions of Republican mom’s bought his shoes. 

And while the comment came half a decade after he graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, a new study from the school suggests had he made the comment while he was still in school, Air Jordans would never have been nearly what they are today.

All of the far-Left ideas ruining society started in the universities.

People have accepted for decades that colleges are filled with wacky liberals, but think they’re harmless.

But “woke” college campuses have gotten even worse than you thought.

Conservatives and center-Left liberals made the mistake of believing that radical college students would grow up one they entered the real world.

What happened is the radicals turned “the real world” into the college campus.

And the campuses are more extreme than they’ve ever been.

Colleges have always leaned liberal and served the interests of the establishment, but they have never been so openly hostile to conservatives.

The recent study conducted at the University of North Carolina showed that conservative students are far more likely to censor themselves than liberals.

Breitbart reported that “conservative students are more likely than their liberal counterparts to self-censor their political opinions at University of North Carolina (UNC) campuses. A survey of students conducted by professors determined that 68 percent of conservative students worry about sharing their political opinions, as compared to only 31 percent of leftist students. Four University of North Carolina professors have authored a study titled, ‘Free Expression and Constructive Dialogue in the University of North Carolina System’ to ‘better understand their experiences related to free expression and constructive dialogue.’”

The results from the study were quite striking.

For example, 42% of conservative students worry about their professors’ opinions while only 12% of liberal students worry.

Not all professors enjoy having their worldview challenged, and there have been recorded instances of left-wing professors berating conservative students.

Students as well as professors have been caught cursing at students simply for wearing a MAGA hat.

Similarly, 32% of conservatives worry about their grades being negatively impacted by their political opinions, but only 7% of liberals feel that way.

The study found “racial issues to be the topic that elicits the most student discomfort…[but] find no evidence that the views students hold back run afoul of university policies against harassment or discrimination.”

Other studies have shown that liberals are far more likely to object to sharing a dorm room with a conservative, and liberals are far more likely to refuse dating a conservative.

The Left have become a cult, and people outside of the group are often shunned and ridiculed.

Romanian-born theater director Andrei Serban resigned his position at Columbia University because the school was “on its way toward full blown communism.”

Serban fled the brutal dictatorship of communist leader Nikolai Ceausescu, so people should heed his warning.

The problem on college campuses is far worse than people want to acknowledge.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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