Steven Crowder doubled down in election results row over candidate’s comments

Republicans are used to dealing with a double standard in Big Media. 

But the double standard in Big Tech is growing more obvious and dangerous by the election cycle. 

Now the latest election results row has Steven Crowder doubling down after censorship of a top candidate’s comments.

Comedian and conservative commentator Steven Crowder torched Big Tech video giant, accusing the leading platform of actively punishing conservatives for doing the same exact things they promoted Democrats for doing. 

Republican Arizona Gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, was recently a guest on popular conservative YouTube show, Louder with Crowder. 

On the episode, Lake told host Steven Crowder she wants to defund the FBI and send some of the soon-to-be-hired 87,000 new IRS employees to secure the U.S. southern border. 

The “MAGA momma bear” went as far as calling the current U.S. federal government, “absolutely corrupt.” 

During the interview, Lake, unprovoked, also questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election. 

“People want someone who is going to push back against this, I believe, illegitimate federal government with Joe Biden in charge,” Lake said. 

Crowder gave Lake a chance to clarify her statement if she wanted, but the border-hawk candidate takes no prisoners.  

“I don’t believe Joe Biden won the (2020) election,” Lake said. “We had problems with the 2020 election, I’ve talked about that, they’ve criticized me for that. But I’ve looked at the facts. I’ve gone over our (Arizona’s) forensic audit. I’ve looked over all kinds of evidence, and we had a botched, corrupt election in Arizona, and in many other states. This is why it’s really important we do look at our elections. It’s one of my top issues, to reform our elections here in Arizona. I want to make sure we have honest elections.”

Lake’s response drew a round of applause from Crowder and his team.

However, staff at YouTube weren’t clapping.

Instead, they rushed to hit the “cancel” button – hitting Crowder with a two-week suspension from streaming his show. 

The suspension was later adjusted to a single week. 

Be it one week or two, either way, Crowder was suspended for an evidence-based opinion from a Republican nominee for a major elected office. 

That is by definition censorship of political speech. 

And while conservatives can be kicked off the platform for questioning election results, Leftists don’t face the same consequences. 

As Crowder points out, Democrats were promoted in YouTube’s algorithm when the said past elections were stolen from them. 

Crowder’s team put together a compilation of Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Elizabeth Warren complaining – with no evidence whatsoever – that Donald Trump stole the 2016 election from Clinton. 

Also in the clip, Stacey Abrams accuses the GOP of stealing the 2018 gubernatorial contest in Georgia from her.  

Abrams is currently running for the same office again in 2022 – and has still yet to concede her last election. 

For Crowder, his concern isn’t being suspended for Lake’s comments on his show, but the unequal application of the platform’s rules.

“Spoiler alert, I didn’t pull those videos from Rumble – you can still find them (on YouTube),” Crowder said. “They made the case, they were given the platform and algorithmically boosted to promote what was verifiably a lie – after multiple investigations. Versus, ‘hey, we want an investigation of our own that would be appropriate.’”  

The YouTube suspension isn’t scaring off Crowder or Lake. 

Following the suspension, he had the Trump-endorsed candidate in the Grand Canyon State back on the show, where together – for their Rumble audience that at one point had more than 90,000 people watching live, and in just two days gained about 425,000 views – they ripped on YouTube for it’s double standard and electioneering. 

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