State Department “free speech” grants will send you over the edge

A sort of caste system is beginning to be developed in the United States.

It’s made up by those who cater to a broad comprehensive leftist agenda—and those who completely oppose it but end up footing the bill.

And these State Department “free speech” grants will send you over the edge.

What America’s founders had in mind when they established a right to “free speech” and what Secretary of State Antony Blinken had in mind for a new State Department giveaway to “free speech proponents,” apparently couldn’t be more different.

The State Department announced that it plans to drop massive amounts of taxpayer money on a scheme to push the Biden administration’s agenda abroad.

Breitbart reported on the planned government program, pointing out that it’s basically a money funnel for the Left’s pet causes.

State Department called out for program to promote “free speech” by limiting it

“If your “speech” promotes biological males playing women’s sports, abortion-on-demand, and the sexual indoctrination of six-year-olds, the State Department is offering $750,000 grants to help you stamp out the free speech of anyone who disagrees with you,” Thomas D. Williams wrote.

According to the government agency’s instructions, grant requests, “should include women and girls in all their diversity; LGBTQI+ persons, transgender or gender-diverse persons in particular; migrants; members of marginalized racial, ethnic, and Indigenous communities, religious minority group members; and others targeted by anti-rights actors.’”

The State Department stipulates that anyone getting their hands on the money will be required to “have strong support from and participation by lesbian and bisexual women, transgender and intersex individuals, and other gender diverse persons.”

Critics are saying that amounts to handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to support partisan politics.

The government agency hasn’t revealed exactly how many of the grants worth three-quarters of a million a piece will be passed out, but the goals are clear.

Number one on the list is, “Development of effective strategies to document and report on targeted attacks that deploy discrimination, stigma, and threats of or actualized violence to impinge on the [Freedom of Expression] of vulnerable and marginalized persons.”

There’s an argument that the State Department program might have a leg to stand on if that criteria said impinge on the [Freedom of Expression] of anyone instead.

But as is, it appears to have less to do with “freedom of speech” than with pushing taxpayer funded left-wing activism around the world.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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