Silicon Valley is reeling over who came out of the 2022 Midterms as one of Election Day’s biggest losers

Republicans and Democrats continue to spin about who each party’s biggest winners and losers were in the Midterm elections. 

But politicians weren’t the only ones squaring off on Election Day. 

Now Silicon Valley is reeling over who came out of the 2022 Midterms as one of Election Day’s biggest losers.

The dust is still settling in the aftermath of Tuesday’s Midterm elections. 

YouTube comes out of the 2022 Midterms as one of Election Day’s biggest losers

But as the smoke clears, there’s no debate Google’s YouTube was one of the biggest losers of the night. 

The night gave both Republicans and Democrats things to crow about and things to make excuses over. 

But there were lessons learned Tuesday night beyond ballot counts. 

And some of those lessons could have longer lasting impacts than the results of the 6th Congressional seat in Michigan, for example. 

Google’s YouTube has had a stranglehold on social media video streaming from almost the moment the technology was available. 

Many competitors have tried and failed to break into YouTube’s monopoly. 

However, one competitor – Rumble – it appears could break through the pack and election night made it clear in a big way. 

Record-breaking night for Rumble 

The upstart video streaming platform had the biggest night in the history of its existence on election night. 

Rumble set records Tuesday night in multiple categories. 

“BREAKING NEWS: Rumble has smashed records on our livestreaming, with well over 500,000 concurrent watchers on many different creator livestreams tonight,” the company posted to former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform. 

Rumble had so many users at one point early in the evening, they started experiencing server problems.  

However, they got it cleaned up quickly and it was smooth sailing the remainder of election night. 

Before 9:30 pm ET, the platform had already logged record active users and content consumption. 

Steven Crowder vs. YouTube

Comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder was one of the reasons for Rumble’s big night.

Crowder held his traditional election results watch stream on Rumble this year, after having been suspended from YouTube yet again for an interview with Arizona Republican Governor candidate Kari Lake.

At its peak, the Louder with Crowder livestream had nearly 350,000 viewers watching at the same time on Rumble. 

According to Rumble, not only did Crowder surpass the vaunted 1-million subscriber mark on the platform, but a total of more than 3-million viewers tuned into his stream at some point during the night. 

Crowder thanked Rumble and Rumble users for making the night possible and sent a message to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki – whom Crowder has had a long-standing rivalry with. 

The host said during the broadcast that about twice as many people were also watching behind the paywall of his Mug Club platform. 

Crowder streamed for several hours before calling it a night, but while many of his fans were panicking over the results, Crowder offered some calming words to end the evening. 

“It wasn’t a red tsunami, but it certainly wasn’t a blue wave,” Crowder said. “I think if conservatives are consistent and play their cards right, we’re well situated.”

And that’s exactly what Big Tech titans like YouTube’s Wojcicki are afraid of. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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