Shocking details emerge on Dave Chapelle and how he got away with unmuzzled SNL performance

Dave Chappelle is one of the most “canceled” men in Hollywood.

His refusal to bend the knee to the “woke” mob has made him a persistent target.

And shocking details emerged on Dave Chapelle and how he got away with recent unmuzzled SNL performance. 

Dave Chappelle pulled a move that left Saturday Night Live speechless

Far-Left activists have been hounding Dave Chappelle ever since he told jokes about transgender people in his Netflix special The Closer.

The left-wing backlash to Chappelle made his selection as the guest host on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live all the more intriguing.

After Chappelle was announced as host, at least one SNL writer—who identified as “transgender” and “nonbinary”—boycotted the episode, claiming that so-called transphobia was no different than murder.

Chappelle deployed a fake monologue in rehearsals  

And Chappelle apparently performed a fake monologue during rehearsals so his actual monologue would not be censored.

Page Six reported that “Dave Chappelle did a ‘fake’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue during the show’s dress rehearsal, sources said, and then switched his material for the live show. A source told Page Six: ‘Dave does a fake monologue during the dress rehearsal, because he doesn’t want [‘SNL’ creator] Lorne Michaels, or anyone else, to know what his real monologue is.’ The source added that Chappelle made a joke during the dress rehearsal about a writer who refused to work with him this week on the show……[A]n insider told Page Six that the joke Chappelle made about the objecting writer during the rehearsal ‘caused tensions to flare.’ Either way, the comedian then switched up his monologue for the actual NBC live show. The live 15-minute monologue, however, caused even more controversy for other reasons.”

During Chappelle’s live monologue, he laid out why voters supported Donald Trump in 2016, and why many of them continue to support him to this day.

Chappelle explained, “That first debate. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen a white male billionaire screaming at the top of his lungs. ‘This whole system is rigged,’ he said, and across the stage was white woman Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting over there looking at him like, ‘No it’s, not.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, bro.’ Trump said, ‘I know the system is rigged, because I use it.’ I said, ‘God damn!’ And then he pulled out an Illuminati membership card and did a line of cocaine…Nobody had ever heard someone say something that true. And then Hillary Clinton tried to punch him with the taxes. ‘This man doesn’t pay his taxes.’ And he shot right back, ‘That makes me smart.’ And then he said, ‘If you want me to pay my taxes then change the tax code, but I know you won’t, because your friends and your donors enjoy the same tax breaks that I do.’ And with that, my friends, a star was born.”

Chappelle also poked at music mogul Ye West and Kyrie Irving, who have both been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization originally founded to fight anti-Semitism, took umbrage with some of Chappelle’s monologue.

In one bit, Chappelle joked, “If they’re Black, then it’s a gang. If they’re Italian, it’s a mob. But if they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence and you should never speak about it.”

Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL responded, “We shouldn’t expect [Dave Chappelle] to serve as society’s moral compass, but disturbing to see [SNL] not just normalize but popularize antisemitism…Why are Jewish sensitivities denied or diminished at almost every turn? Why does our trauma trigger applause?”

At least Greenblatt, who was the Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in former President Barack Obama’s White House, is somewhat getting back in the ADL’s purported lane after critics say it has become nothing but a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party under his leadership.

In recent years, many argue the ADL has become just another leftist group that solely exists to hammer the Right and provide cover for the Left.

The former Obama official’s criticism aside, responses to Chappelle’s monologue were mixed, but SNL got the eyeballs they wanted by inviting Chappelle to guest-host the show.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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