Rosie O’Donnell ripped into Mayor Pete after he failed to address one crisis

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Liberals are reluctant to attack Democratic administrations.

But Joe Biden has made so many mistakes that criticism from the Left is inevitable.

And Rosie O’Donnell ripped into Mayor Pete after he failed to address one crisis.

Pete Buttigieg has had one of the most scandalous runs anyone can remember as Transportation Secretary.

The one incident that characterized his tenure thus far was when he went on paternity leave for months during a supply chain crisis, and nobody noticed.

Now Buttigieg has been conspicuously quiet about a horrific train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Weeks after the incident, Buttigieg appeared at a conference of legislators and made time to crack jokes, but had nothing to say about the derailment.

Buttigieg told the audience, “It’s had its challenges. I mean, if you look at what the American transportation systems have faced in the last two or three, partly because of the pandemic, we’ve faced issues from container shipping to airline cancellations. Now we got balloons.”

Democrats know it’s bad when they’ve lost Rosie O’Donnell – a former co-host on The View

One Democrat who’s fed up with the Biden administration’s handling of the situation is Hollywood actress Rosie O’Donnell.

During a social media rant, she said the EPA was not trustworthy and called out the Biden administration for not doing more.

O’Donnell said, “This is a tragedy of epic proportion, and it’s criminal negligence by that chemical and train company…And nothing’s being done about it. It’s not on the news enough. It’s not something that people are talking about. It’s like being pushed to the back burner.”

The story received a media blackout for weeks, and some journalists were even arrested for reporting on it.

O’Donnell continued, “The EPA comes out with a very non-alarmist, everything’s okay, don’t worry about a thing statement…And it’s infuriating. I don’t trust the EPA. I don’t trust them. After 9/11, I don’t know how anyone could.”

She detailed how the EPA claimed it was safe near ground zero when there were still harmful particulates in the air.

She added, “There was no clean up. There was dust everywhere. Toxic, horrible, cancer causing. And they lied to the American people. I don’t believe the EPA.”

In a separate video, O’Donnell responded to claims that she “finally woke up” to the failures of the Democrats.

O’Donnell replied, “I didn’t finally wake up. This is exactly how I felt at all national tragedies…This is what I feel — compassion for my fellow man; disappointment in a government that doesn’t take good enough care of its people; and frustration at the way corporate entities seem to have impunity in this country now.”

She concluded, “This is not a Democratic or Republican stance…This is who I’ve always been and it is always what has mattered to all Americans. We have to stop with the right and the left. We have to come together, soon.”

Unfortunately, coming together is unlikely because the Democrats have gone wildly to the Left and have a completely different vision of America.

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