Ronna McDaniel let this “don’t be evil” company have it after they got caught red-handed being evil

The Democrats have formidable allies doing their bidding.

The numbers are staggering, according to Ronna McDaniel.

And she let this “don’t be evil” company have it after they got caught red-handed being evil.

Google got caught red-handed by Republicans making one shocking move

In the early days of Google, the company had the credo “Don’t be evil.”

But the company that today is arguably the most powerful in human history dropped the credo long ago.

It should have been a clear indication of potentially dubious intent.

Now, it is common knowledge that Big Tech intervened on behalf of the Democrats to help drag Joe Biden over the finish line in 2020.

The so-called mainstream media colluded with social media platforms to suppress The New York Post’s Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell.

In addition to that, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg poured $400 million into strategic precincts around the country in order to boost turnout for the Democrats.

And that’s only scratching the surface.

Ahead of the 2022 Midterm elections the Republican National Committee alleges that Google has also been sending Republican political emails to spam at a significantly higher rate than Democrat emails, and the tech company has done nothing to rectify the problem.

Fox News reported that “The Republican National Committee says Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders, with party leadership threatening to explore legal options to ‘put an end’ to what they call a ‘clear pattern of bias.’ According to RNC officials, emails being sent by the RNC to Republican subscribers who use Gmail accounts in the final days of each month are being sent to spam folders.”

This is one of the many subversive ways that Google can operate.

The company can also manipulate its search algorithm to return pages based on ideological grounds.

A UN official recently admitted that the globalist organization was working with Google to prioritize “true” information about climate change in search results.

Number of suppressed RNC emails is staggering

Fox News added that “an RNC official told Fox News Digital that since Sept. 28, Gmail has ‘suppressed’ more than 22 million RNC emails—358,000 of which were GOTV emails. On Sept. 28, Gmail spammed more than 3.1 million RNC emails. The next day, Gmail spammed more than 9.8 million RNC emails, and on Sept. 30, Gmail spammed more than 9.97 million RNC mails. An RNC official told Fox News Digital that Republicans have raised this issue with Google ‘for months’ and said they have received ‘no resolution.’” 

Companies like Google are already biased to the Left, but the problem is exacerbated when they’re threatened with regulation by Democrat politicians if they do not get on board with the establishment program.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel explained, “Every single month, like clockwork, Google suppresses important GOTV and fundraising emails at the end of the month, with zero explanation nor commitment from Google to resolve this issue…We are less than 40 days out from Election Day, and important GOTV emails to our opted-in voters in states that have already started early voting are being systematically sent to spam…Enough is enough…Big Tech bias is undermining the democratic process and the RNC is exploring our legal options to put an end to this clear pattern of bias.”

Google and other Big Tech companies have proven themselves to be dishonest brokers in the political landscape.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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