Republicans are ripping Twitter for one shocking double standard

Big Tech censorship has spun out of control.

Conservatives are always one tweet away from being nuked from the platform.

And Republicans are ripping Twitter for one shocking double standard.

The social media giants’ permanent ban on Donald Trump looks even worse in light of the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal and the reassertion of control by the Taliban inadvertently exposed Big Tech’s despicable double standard.

Trump is not allowed on the platform, but the Taliban is.

The sitting President of the United States was prohibited from using Twitter, but an actual terrorist organization that just toppled a democratically elected government can operate with impunity.

Fox News reports:

“Twitter’s standards were called into question on Sunday after users pointed out that a key Taliban spokesman has been using the platform to give updates about the group’s advance within the country while former President Trump’s account remains permanently suspended.

Zabihullah Mujahid’s account is not verified but has nearly 280,000 followers and is regularly cited by major news outlets. He recently tweeted an update on ‘military units’ entering Kabul. He wrote that their ‘advance is continuing normally.’

Jerome Riviere, the French politician, took to Twitter and posted: ‘Freedom and democracy are not doing well when #Twitter continues to ban #Trump’s account but relays the #Taliban spokesperson’s without any second thoughts.’”

It’s easy to see whom the establishment fears, and whom it does not.

Trump was ousted for “inciting an insurrection,” but the Taliban literally overran the Afghan capital forced the United States to hastily shutter its embassy in Kabul.

But the establishment’s power isn’t really threatened by the Taliban.

However, Trump disrupted the establishment grift with his victory in 2016, and continues to wake Americans up.

Authoritarians always censor speech and confiscate guns because those are the biggest threats to their power.

Twitter doesn’t want people even thinking about questioning the legitimacy of establishment elites.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are seen as a mere nuisance.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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