Psaki red flags are getting a major boost from this RINO-backed tech CEO

Jen Psaki announced a creepy authoritarian project at the White House last year. 

Now the program is expanding.

Because Psaki red flags just got a major boost from this RINO-backed tech CEO.

One of Jen Psaki’s creepy and authoritarian red flag projects just got a major boost.

The Biden White House mouthpiece announced last summer that her office was colluding with Facebook to censor counter-narrative voices surrounding COVID.

“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. We’re working with doctors and medical experts…who are popular with their audience with accurate information. So, we’re helping get trusted content out there.”

But she didn’t stop there.  Psaki made clear, the Biden White House wanted every social media site to ban those accounts they flagged as “misinformation.”

After word came down from Psaki, Twitter announced a pilot program the following month to allow users to flag others’ Tweets as “It’s misleading”. 

Now Twitter announced it is expanding the program under new CEO Parag Agrawal.

More countries will now fall under the flagging program, which could trigger censorship, “fact checks,” suspensions, or even permanent bans.

The move from the company’s new anti-free speech CEO, comes after Paul Singer, one of the largest investors in Twitter led an effort to oust Twitter’s founder and install Agrawal.

Singer is one of the top backers of RINOs in Congress, like Dan Crenshaw who sandbagged real free speech reforms, instead pushing fake reforms that protect the anti-free speech priorities of Singer and his ilk.

Wittingly or unwittingly, they’re supporting the Democrats’ narrative.

The Democrats used the threat of Donald Trump as a justification for increased surveillance and censorship.

Now Twitter is expanding its reach in the company’s battle against “misinformation.”

There’s one pressing question that must be addressed regarding Big Tech’s War on Misinformation: who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

Thus far, fact-checking from Twitter and Facebook has been farmed out to third-party organizations, but they have their own biases.

For example, Facebook got excoriated for fact-checking the well established British Medical Journal with a fake news site called Lead Stories.

Lead Stories is a site run by left-wing hacks, similar to Snopes and Politifact.

These “independent” outlets are supposed to give legacy institutions legitimacy by fact-checking views that are counter-narrative.

In reality, Big Tech has simply become an extension of the corporate-controlled press.

For instance, the Democrat Media Complex wanted the salacious Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell story suppressed, and Twitter and Facebook obliged.

The Democrats did not want the story to dash Joe Biden’s hope of winning the election.

Suddenly the laptop story was labeled “Russian disinformation,” even though it was true.

The establishment clearly must feel its grip on the narrative slipping away.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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