Pete Buttigieg just got some bad news that every American could see coming

Joe Biden’s transportation secretary went AWOL during a major transportation crisis and tried to take the whole country with him.

It’s all part of Biden administration policies that have caused massive disruptions in the economy.

But Pete Buttigieg just got some bad news and every American saw it coming.

Democrats painted themselves in a corner with their vaccine mandates.

Many Americans in various walks of life are defying the COVID mandates, including pilots.

Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel over one quarter of its flights due to shortages.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly reversed his decision, and blamed Biden for strong-arming his company to impose the mandate.

Now American Airlines is suffering similar out-of-the-blue cancellations.

From CNBC:

“American Airlines has canceled more than 1,700 flights since Friday, blaming staffing problems and high winds at its busiest hub several days earlier. It’s the latest mass flight disruption to face travelers as some carriers struggle to handle a rebound in travel demand.”

These cancellations are coming off the heels of Southwest’s rash of cancellations.

People are pushing back against the draconian measures, which is causing the COVID regime to crack.

CNBC continued:

“The cancellations increased at the end of the weekend. On Sunday, American canceled about 820 mainline flights, 30% of its mainline schedule, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware. Dallas-based Southwest Airlines cut 190 flights, or 5% of its Sunday operation. American canceled some 340 flights on Friday and 543 flights, or 20% of its schedule, on Saturday…Pilot and flight attendant availability were listed as reasons for most of the cancellations on Saturday and Sunday, according to internal tallies, which were seen by CNBC.”

Democrats claimed the vaccine was the ticket back to normalcy, but instead they’ve used it as a budget cut.

Americans were willing to go along with a lot at the height of the pandemic, but their patience has run out.

They’re not going to stay cooped up inside forever and give up their careers because Joe Biden says so.

The COVID regime is running out of options because the narrative is falling apart.

People are resisting the mandatory vaccines as more and more studies show that natural immunity is superior to the vaccine.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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