One privacy-respecting tech CEO just ripped Mark Zuckerberg with a stern warning about Facebook’s new project

Big Tech has too much power over people’s lives.

Weird Mark Zuckerberg  may be the biggest example of this reality.

Now one privacy-respecting tech CEO just ripped Mark Zuckerberg with a stern warning about Facebook’s new project.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has a new virtual reality project called the Metaverse, and many people are skeptical of it.

One such skeptic is ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen, who created the email service to be highly vigilant about privacy in comparison to leaky products like Gmail.

Yen said of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse:

“Facebook talks about privacy because it’s a PR issue for them…At the end of the day, their business model revolves on taking your data and monetizing it. So there is fundamentally always going to be a conflict between what they say and what they actually have to do to make money.. There’s no way to ever get around their conflict unless they change their business model, and they’re not going to do that.”

Not only does Facebook sell data, the company creates ghost accounts for people who have never even signed up for the service.

People who never created a Facebook account might actually have a shadow account because their names and pictures are listed on the relatives’ and friends’ pages.

Other severe concerns about the company were detailed in an exposé from The Wall Street Journal called “The Facebook Files.”

Yen continued his criticism of the Metaverse:

“[I]t’s also insidious in many ways. What is Facebook actually doing? What is the purpose? Facebook’s issue today is they don’t control their destiny…They depend on other platforms, other devices to reach their customers, whether it’s iPhone, the Chrome browser, Google Search, whatever it may be.”

Many services even have an option where users can create an account using their Facebook account.

But one of the problems with coupling a Facebook account with another service is that it’s impossible to decouple.

The only real option is to open a new account with a different email address.

Yen added:

“What they’re doing with the metaverse is really they’re building a new infrastructure where they control everything. They control the device, they have the VR headsets, you’re now in their world, on their devices, on their platform…Given Facebook’s track record…I don’t believe that’s a company we should trust with power like that.”

Privacy concerns alone should make any potential Meta users highly skeptical of Facebook’s intentions.

As Yen pointed out, Zuckerberg’s track record on these issues is not good at all.

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