One poll proves Republicans are fed up with Big Tech

Republicans have long railed against media bias.

Now the Right is seeing that same bias among the Silicon Valley titans.

And one poll proves Republicans are fed up with Big Tech.

When Donald Trump was instantly banned from every single social media company after the Capitol Hill riot, it served as a wakeup call for everyone on the Right.

The establishment will come for anyone who expresses counter-narrative views, even the leader of the free world.

And a new poll shows that Republicans are growing increasingly skeptical of Big Tech as well as big business.

Gallup reports:

Republicans have lost significant confidence in big business and Big Tech over the past year, to the point that their generally positive view of each in 2020 has turned negative, on balance, in 2021. Specifically:

The percentage of Republicans expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in big business declined by 12 points year-over-year to 20%.

Their confidence in large technology companies fell by an even larger 18 points, to 17%.

Also, fewer Republicans express “some” confidence in big business and large technology companies, with these ratings dropping by seven to eight points.

All of that decline is offset by increases in those expressing “very little” or no confidence, up 18 points for big business and 23 points for large technology.

The reasons why are obvious.

Both public and private figures have been censored and harassed on social media for the past five years, beginning with the election of Trump.

An outsider was not supposed to win the Presidency by talking about ending wars and criticizing the intelligence community.

The 2016 election freaked out the establishment, and ever since, they’ve been working feverishly to rein in Big Tech.

As for Big Business, many companies have sacrificed themselves on the pyre of “woke.”

Gallup continued:

“The overall result is that Republicans’ net confidence in each – the percentage expressing high confidence minus those expressing little or no confidence – is now significantly negative for big business (-17) as well as large technology companies (-29). One year ago, both figures were positive.”

Several institutions are moving to the Left because they see how dirty the progressive establishment is willing to play.

A recent survey showed that professional sports leagues have a lower favorability rating across the board among Republicans than Democrats for the first time.

Companies are making the calculation that leftists are scarier than conservatives, but that could change if a parallel economy develops and these organizations are faced with genuine competition.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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