Newt Gingrich had Nancy Pelosi shaking with rage when he said two harsh words

Newt Gingrich has never been one to mince words.

He says what’s on his mind no matter who is offended.

And Newt Gingrich had Nancy Pelosi shaking with rage when he said two harsh words.

Nobody is in a position to attack Nancy Pelosi quite like Newt Gingrich.

He has actually served as Speaker of the House and knows how things work from experience.

And during a radio interview over the weekend, he hammered “Dictator Pelosi” for refusing to respect the rule of law.

Gingrich launched those attacks while appearing on New York WABC 770 AM radio’s The Cats Roundtable with host John Catsimatidis.

“As a former Speaker of the House, I think that the U.S. House is very, very, very important,” Gingrich said. “And watching her become a dictator, watching her break every single rule, watching her run things entirely on her own, I think, is the most destructive thing I’ve seen done by any American politician in a very, very long time. And I think that we will see for years from now that problem.”

“[T]here’s no respect for the rule of law at the border,” he continued. “There’s no respect for the rule of law when it gets involved in an issue that the left-wing cares about.”

Gingrich went on to hammer Democrat legislation passed under Pelosi’s reign, stating that it could lead to “Jimmy Carter-style inflation.”

The Republican former Speaker of the House said, “Although we already have inflation — and we already see gasoline prices going up, food prices going up, housing prices going up, car prices going up — they are going to try to pass these two gigantic bills that we’re going to put even more pressure on the economy.”

Gingrich is entirely correct.

Under Pelosi and Joe Biden’s leadership, Democrats have become far more extreme than they have at any point in history.

They are demanding their entire far-left agenda, and are willing to completely abolish the filibuster to do it.

Not only that, but they are attempting to pass bills to completely unravel election security laws across the country, making voter fraud all but a certainty.

Instead of attempting to work with Republicans, they are trying to remove them from the equation entirely, and essentially create a one-party system.

And Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge.

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