Nancy Pelosi’s pet “security” spending bill includes some chilling Big Government plans for next level spyware

Every “bi-partisan success” out of Washington, D.C. spells disaster for the average citizen.

Now new information is coming out about Nancy Pelosi’s pet “security” spending bill.

And it includes some chilling Big Government plans for next level spyware.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s utter inability to provide any sort of international leadership, the island nation of Taiwan is sitting directly in Communist China’s crosshairs.

And the harder they try to protect Taiwan, the more Biden and Nancy Pelosi poke the bear—eliciting some serious threats to Taiwan from one of the richest and biggest nations on the planet.

That’s a massive security threat for the United States since the tiny island—only slightly bigger than Maryland—produces most of the computer chips in the world.

Thanks to all the upheaval, Congress passed the CHIPS Act which was sold as a spending bill designed to spur the tech industry to build new semiconductor chip factories in the United States.

Swamp Deep Staters backdoored new spyware into CHIPS Act

But it turns out that leftists and establishment politicos tucked a massive new spyware program inside the bill—and it’s designed to help the National Science Foundation (NSF) amp up its surveillance on US citizens to an even more insane degree.

The situation was highlighted recently when Senator Rod Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) started pushing for the NSA to commit to encrypting sensitive data about US citizens when a new data platform funded by the $280 billion CHIPS Act comes online.

“The NSDS platform will enable government agencies to collaborate by using data for research projects. This research will help policy makers to improve government programs, and will shed light on the effectiveness of federal policies,” the senators noted in a joint statement.

“However, the NSDS program will only live up to its promise if it facilitates research while protecting Americans’ data from hackers, foreign spies and misuse by government agencies,” they warned.

Further empowering the Deep State in its endless mission to control the lives of Americans is a horrible exchange on the weak hope it will “improve government programs.”

The Senators say they want to reduce the chance the powerful new platform will be misused.

“And, by avoiding holding a ‘master key’ that can access all of the data, NSF will remove a massive cyber-target from its back,” the Senators added.

The NFS has until January 20 to get back to Wyden and Portman on how they plan to keep the data safe from hackers.

But the truth is, the only way to make Americans’ data safe is to keep it out of the hands of power-hungry bureaucrats in the first place.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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