Nancy Pelosi was furious when a judge threw a monkey wrench in her January 6 scheme

Nancy Pelosi is using January 6 to take out pro-Trump conservatives.

She’ll do anything to stop a Trump comeback.

Now she’s furious after a judge threw a monkey wrench in her January 6 scheme.

The trumped-up events of January 6 have been weaponized by Democrats to take out their political opponents.

Nancy Pelosi is using her sham January 6 committee to target Trump supporters.

Biden sicced his politicized Justice Department on taking out anyone who stood up for President Trump that day.

Trump supporters who peacefully walked around the Capitol have had the book thrown at them.

Democrats want to intimidate conservatives from ever supporting President Trump again and shut down the Trump movement for good.

Matthew Martin was one of the protestors that entered the Capitol that day.

Martin spent by his estimation ten minutes in the Capitol before leaving.

He was never accused of being involved with any violence or destruction.

Federal prosecutors threw the book at him for briefly walking around the Capitol.

They hit him with bogus charges of entering a restricted building, two counts of disorderly conduct and parading in the Capitol building. 

These charges could have landed him in jail for years. 

Federal judge Trevor McFadden acquitted Martin of all charges in a blow to Biden’s Justice Department.

Martin became the first January 6 defendant to testify in his own defense.

He testified that Capitol Police waved Trump supporters into the building and he simply followed the crowd.

Judge McFadden said, “People were streaming by and the officers made no attempt to stop the people.”

A Capitol Police officer testified under oath that police let people into the building confirming Martin’s testimony. 

McFadden described Martin’s actions as “about as minimal and not serious as I can imagine.”

“He seemed quite quiet and orderly. He did not shout. He did not raise his flag,” McFadden said of Martin’s actions.

This is a massive defeat for the Biden Justice Department’s witch hunt against Trump supporters.

Federal prosecutors have been trying to charge every Trump supporter who entered the Capitol that day.

They’ve targeted peaceful Trump supporters with bogus, trumped charges like “parading.”

Prosecutors have argued that everyone who entered the Capitol that day was committing a crime.

Nancy Pelosi, the Biden regime and federal prosecutors have been pushing the lie that no one was waved in by the police.

They’ve been trying to portray every Trump supporter as someone who stormed the Capitol and broke in.

But now, a Capitol Police officer has blown up their phony narrative.

This could have major implications for January 6 defendants going forward.

The officer’s sworn testimony that police let Trump supporters in can be used as a defense going forward against any of federal prosecutors’ overzealous charges.

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz said Martin’s victory was “enormously important” for other January 6 defendants.

With Martin’s victory, the tide could be turning against the January 6 witch hunt.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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