Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ narrative just got a major boost because of one company’s bone-chilling move

The Democrat Media Complex can feel its propaganda powers waning.

There are too many information sources to control.

But Pelosi and the Democrats just got a major boost for their narrative after one company’s bone-chilling move.

The corporate-controlled press is no longer able to sell any lie it wants.

There are too many outlets that can relay the truth.

But the establishment requires an overwhelming amount of censorship and propaganda to get people on board with a particular narrative.

So, the authoritarians have moved to bullying companies into doing the censorship for them.

Music and podcast streaming giant Spotify just caved to the outrage by creating a panel to determine what is and is not acceptable on the platform.

CNBC reported that “Spotify…announced it has formed a Safety Advisory Council to provide third-party input on issues such as hate speech, disinformation, extremism and online abuse. The group represents another step in Spotify’s efforts to deal with harmful content on its audio streaming service after backlash earlier this year over ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ in which the podcaster was accused of spreading misinformation about Covid-19.”

Number one podcaster Joe Rogan was accused of taking “horse dewormer” because he admitted that his doctor prescribed him Ivermectin, the well-established antiviral drug that was prescribed off-label to combat the coronavirus before the COVID regime condemned the drug to all hell.

Ivermectin has a human form and a livestock form, and the so-called mainstream media intentionally lied to give the impression that Rogan took the horse paste version.

It was a despicable lie that was easily disproved with two minutes of research.

CNBC added that “the group of 18 experts, which include representatives from Washington, D.C., civil rights group the Center for Democracy & Technology, the University of Gothenburg in Germany and the Institute for Technology and Society in Brazil, will advise Spotify as it develops products and policies and thinks about emerging issues.”

Everyone should shudder at the invocation of the word “experts.”

The Left made a hard push to have Rogan booted from Spotify despite the company’s $200 million bet on the podcaster.

Several recording artists including Neil Young requested to have their music pulled from the platform.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek did not cut Rogan loose, but he clearly bent the knee to the radicals in his company.

This is precisely how not to handle a “woke” hostile takeover.

Spotify won’t be the last company forced to bring in a panel of so-called experts.

The phenomenon will continue to happen until executives grow a backbone. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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