Mike Rowe torched an entire Left-wing institution with this video that has gone viral again

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Mike Rowe earned one of the best ratings in all of television with his never-ending work ethic, blue-collar American values and common sense.

And that made him a victim of woke Cancel Culture mob.

But now the former host of Dirty Jobs is viral again in a video dropping a hilarious truth bomb on the thought-police.

Mike Rowe’s comeback tour

Mike Rowe has a history of celebrating the hardworking men and women in blue-collar America who are the backbone of the United States.

Rowe has thumbed his nose at high-priced degrees – and his fans love him for it.

However, the metropolitan elites hate him for that exact same reason.

Rowe’s Dirty Jobs show has made a recent comeback, but the original version of the show was canceled after an eight-season run when the thought-police came after him in 2012.

Since then, Rowe has made a name for himself through his work ethic scholarship, where he helps fund the technical training for individuals willing to sign his S.W.E.A.T pledge – essentially promising to work hard.

Of course, the leftists believe the work ethic scholarship is discriminatory, problematic and ableist.

Democrats would prefer Gen Zers get degrees in Diversity Equity and Inclusion, funded on the backs of the people who work the kind of jobs that are featured on Rowe’s Dirty Jobs.

Rowe uses humor to attack the elites

But Rowe has never been at a loss for words for the leftist elites who value a worthless piece of paper more than hard work.

And just in time for graduation season, a viral clip of Rowe’s commencement speech a few years ago is going viral again.

Rowe’s commencement speech surely sent green-haired gender studies grads running for the nearest “safe space.”

Rowe decided to take a tongue-in-cheek approach of poking fun at the university system that is scamming America’s youth into paying tens of thousands of dollars – if not six figures – for degrees which many, if not most, of the grads will end up not using when they inevitably switch careers.

“As you advance in the skilled trades, don’t completely dismiss the liberal arts just because the cost of a degree has become scandalous,” Rowe says in his mock commencement speech. “Fact is, universities are no longer the sole repositories of worthwhile information. If you have a smartphone and a connection to the internet, then you have access to every single thing currently for sale in the classrooms and lecture halls of America’s finest universities FOR FREE!”

An alternative to woke universities

The video also serves as an eight-minute infomercial for the Mike Rowe Works Foundation.

Rowe summed up the need for his foundation and work ethic scholarship with one pretty simple sentence.

“America is lending money it doesn’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist — that’s nuts.”

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