Merrick Garland was seething about this alleged coverup exposed on Tucker Carlson’s last show

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Tucker Carlson specialized in calling out hypocrisy during his time on Fox News.

And plenty of Americans think the Biden administration has been serving that up on a daily basis.

Now Merrick Garland is seething mad about this alleged coverup exposed on Tucker Carlson’s last show.

Carlson opened his Friday night show pointing out the gross discrepancies between how two murderous rampages in the same region were handled.

After a man with mental issues murdered five people at the bank where he worked, authorities immediately released details of his manifesto.

Tales of two manifestos

Carlson said that only happened because his narrative fell in line with the Left’s gun grabbing agenda.

“They’re telling us the shooter wanted to prove a point about how easy it is for the mentally ill to buy guns. Now of course it’s a democratic talking point so you’re allowed to hear it and marinate in it,” Carlson explained.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Audrey Hale—who claimed to be transgender—is being handled far differently.

The young woman, also with mental health issues, went on a murderous rampage in a Nashville private Christian school.

Since then police have announced they recovered extensive evidence, but claim they can’t release her manifesto because it’s too “dangerous.”

But both Carlson and his guest, radio host Clay Travis, agreed the real danger is to Democrats’ leftist agenda.

Travis, who has children in Nashville schools, pointed out that the most important thing to do at this point is analyze all available date to understand how to prevent a future incident.

“Like any parent when you hear a story like this, your heart stops,” Travis said. “And that’s why we need to do everything we can to prevent another shooting like this. Why did this shooter target this particular location? What can we learn from that targeting? And how do we help to prevent this from happening anywhere else? Until we know the motivations of the shooter and we can debate and discuss them.”

“It’s very hard to figure out how to guarantee that this does not happen again,” he continued. “And so, look, if this were a Donald Trump supporting MAGA hat wearing right wing lunatic who had committed this murder and wrote a manifesto justifying it based on his support for Donald Trump and Fox News the Washington Post in New York Times would have had this story 30 minutes after police and the FBI were able to review it.”

Based on the uproar over other incidents—like the January 6 Capitol riot—Travis’ analysis is spot on.

The current problem for leftists is that their theory that every true conservative Republican in the country is a right-wing lunatic isn’t panning out.

Meanwhile, the radicalization of young Democrats may be backfiring in dramatic and horrific ways.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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