Merrick Garland needs to be investigated after one shocking mishandling of a Biden scandal

Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice in truly alarming ways.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has served as Biden’s attack dog.

And Garland needs to be investigated after one shocking mishandling of a Biden scandal.

Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal is not going the way the Democrats had hoped.

The Democrats and their media allies thought they had the smoking gun to take out Donald Trump once and for all with classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

But Biden threw a monkey wrench in the plan when he got caught with classified documents in his office and his home from his time as Vice President under Barack Obama.

Democrats have attempted to draw a distinction between Trump’s handling of classified documents and Biden’s handling, but they ignored the fact that Trump had plenary power to declassify anything he wanted and Biden did not.

The FBI already inspected Trump’s home and simply told him to put a different lock on the room.

Now the DOJ has sullied itself in the scandal because the agency chose not to have FBI agents monitor the Biden team’s handling of the classified documents.

Attorney Jonathan Turley, who defended Trump during his first sham impeachment, said that the DOJ needs to be investigated by Congress for being so lax.

Turley argued that there is “no plausible reason why, given the chance, the Justice Department would not want to conduct a national security search itself. After Nov. 2, the Justice Department was aware that material at the top secret or higher levels was discovered in a closet in the Penn Biden Center.”

The DOJ also knew that documents had been transported to other locations, including Biden’s home in Delaware.

Turley was aghast that the DOJ would allow “uncleared attorneys” to sift through classified material without supervision.

Turley added, “As someone who has worked with classified evidence at the TS/SCI level since the Reagan administration, the decision is breathtaking. It effectively replaced well-established national security protocols with an honor system to be followed by persons unknown.”

These actions and several others over the past few years have spurred Republicans to insist on more oversight over the FBI.

Strangely, the Democrats, who have long been skeptical of the intelligence community, do not want any oversight of the Bureau.

Turley concluded that the DOJ’s actions “strengthen the case for the House committee now being assembled to investigate the Justice Department and the FBI.”

Somebody needs to get to the bottom of the alleged misconduct going on inside the DOJ.

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