Merrick Garland may have a real shameful election meddling back channel on his hands

Democrats screamed that Donald Trump was an “illegitimate” President because they bought the bogus Russiagate narrative.

But a new report suggests it all may be another case of Democrat confession through accusation.

And Merrick Garland may have a real shameful election meddling back channel on his hands.

Notorious gun grabber Michael Bloomber exposed for alleged back channel to meddle in the 2020 elections

Democrats insisted that Donald Trump was an “illegitimate” President because of  the bogus Russiagate narrative.

Their so-called evidence was some Russian troll farm spending a pittance on Facebook ads coupled with Deep State leaks to the Fake News press.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million to fund strategic precincts in swing states in order to help the Democrats.

And Zuckerberg recently admitted Facebook effectively acted in cahoots with the FBI to censor The New York Post’s game-changing Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell before the 2020 elections.

Now there’s a new player in the game with an all too familiar name.

Bloomberg machine allegedly sought to fund shadow GOTV scheme alongside Zuckerbucks 

And billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and short-lived Presidential hopeful in 2020, allegedly attempted to funnel cash to election officials in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania outlet Broad + Liberty reported that “three months before Election Day in 2020, an intermediary for Michael Bloomberg reached out to the city of Philadelphia’s election offices offering to provide millions of dollars to help the city staff the election as well as pay for communications and other expenses the city might need…The finding underscores the nature to which donors were trying — often outside of the public eye — to shower money on elections offices in the runup to the final vote, especially as the pandemic as well as vote-by-mail procedures had roiled standard election plans across the country and the commonwealth.”

Bloomberg served New York City as a Republican, but switched his party affiliation, then pledged to help the Democrats even after he bowed out of the 2020 primary.

Broad + Liberty added that “Nick Custodio, a deputy commissioner in Philadelphia’s Office of City Commissioners, emailed Stanford politics professor Nate Persily, obviously continuing a conversation that had begun elsewhere. The subject line of the email was simply, ‘Bloomberg’…As the conversation continued on the following day, Persily wrote, ‘Can you just send me some bullet points on how much you would want from him and what it would be spent on?’ Hours later, Custodio dashed off a figure of just over $3 million. The first $2 million was dedicated to staffing costs, with another half million allocated each for communications and ‘mail-in voting consumables.’”

Bloomberg collusion attempts were to “save Philadelphia taxpayers money” Philly official claims – no one buys it

Upon the revelation of the emails in question, Custodio said in a statement, “The city did not receive any funds from Mr. Bloomberg…We explored every opportunity to save Philadelphia taxpayers money and provide them with the greatest service. We will not be commenting further.”

If Bloomberg did indeed coordinate with government actors, that could raise Constitutional concerns.

Zuckerberg and perhaps Bloomberg were able to exploit election laws in 2020, which is why Republican legislatures have moved to tighten up procedures that were loosened, sometimes unilaterally, due to COVID.

Democrats don’t want people to look at the 2020 Election because on each glance, it looks dirtier and dirtier.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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