Mark Zuckerberg silenced a leading Republican for stating this basic truth

Mark Zuckerberg is determined to shut down conservatives.

Even if his justifications are completely insane. 

Now, Mark Zuckerberg has silenced a leading Republican for stating this basic truth.

It used to be common sense what the definition of a man and woman were.

But for woke mob common sense isn’t so common these days.

As the radical transgender movement has gained steam, it’s become unacceptable to state basic biologic reality.

Conservatives have started to push back against this gender insanity as men have started to take over women’s sports.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn ran a cut and dry Facebook ad that said, “Biological men have no place in women’s sports.”

The ad asked Facebook users to sign a petition to “Support efforts to keep men out of women’s sports.”

The post was made on Blackburn’s personal Facebook which has nearly 150,000 followers. 

For stating what has been the mainstream position for most of human history, Zuckerberg’s censors dropped the hammer on Blackburn for violating “community standards on hate speech.”

“Your post didn’t follow our Community Standards on hate speech,” Facebook stated in a warning on the post.

“No one else can see your post,” Facebook added.

Blackburn’s post doesn’t resemble anything close to “hate speech.”

But the woke censors at Facebook are shutting down anything that counters the narrative set by the trans mob.

Big Tech platforms have become an enforcer for the radical transgender narrative claiming that anything that contradicts this bizarre gender ideology is some kind of “hate speech.”

Blackburn, who’s been an outspoken opponent of Big Tech censorship, slammed the move in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“Big Tech and the Democrats are colluding to radically transform America,” Blackburn said.

“They want to silence and censor conservatives for speaking out against their woke agenda,” she added.

“It does not take a biologist to know the difference between a man and a woman, and I will not be silenced or threatened by Silicon Valley oligarchs,” she explained.

“Biological men have no place in women’s sports,” she concluded.

This is the latest skirmish for Blackburn against the transgender movement.

She stumped Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson by asking her “provide a definition for the word woman.”

Brown Jackson replied that she couldn’t because she wasn’t a biologist.

While Facebook is censoring biological facts, Zuckerberg’s tech titan has been in a tailspin.

The company’s stock price has been hammered and for the first time in history Facebook lost daily active users this year.

By pandering to the transgender movement and censoring conservatives, they’ve alienated half of the country.

And the company has paid the price as users abandon it for new free speech social media competitors.

Zuckerberg’s heavy-handed censorship is tanking this one time darling of Silicon Valley. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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