Mark Zuckerberg is sweating buckets after this truth bomb from JD Vance

Mark Zuckerberg admitted to colluding with the FBI to help Democrats win in 2020. 

JD Vance doesn’t want to see the same thing happen in the 2022 U.S. Senate race in the Buckeye State. 

And now Vance has dropped a massive truth bomb that has the founder of Facebook sweating buckets. 

Big Tech’s big favoritism 

In the 2020 election, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, filtered a reported $350-million in donations – what have become known as “Zuckerbucks” – to more than 2,500 election officials from coast to coast. 

As one might guess, these election dollars were not evenly distributed to Republican and Democrat jurisdictions. 

The vast majority of the shadow get out the vote campaign funds went to Democrat loyalists, in districts that would help Joe Biden drive up his statewide totals and thus potentially help tip the scales in the Electoral College. 

Of course, Zuckerbucks are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Facebook has aided Democrats via suppression of conservative posts, rejections of Republican ads and boosted posts, outright banning of stories that make the Left look bad – like the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell story that broke days before the controversial 2020 election. 

It’s not just Facebook, the same biases run rampant on all of the major Big Tech platforms. 

Joe Biden, gaslighter-in-chief 

But despite all this, according to President Joe Biden, it’s Trump voters who pose a “clear and present threat to democracy.” 


Because a few dozen drunk protesters got out of hand nearly two-years ago. 

Democrats have pounced on that to demonize anyone who raises reasonable questions about the 2020 election results – with far more evidence that Hillary Clinton had in denying the 2016 Presidential election results, or Stacey Abrams has in still claiming she won the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia. 

But the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio, JD Vance sees things differently. 

JD Vance vs. Big Tech 

The author of the best-steller Hillbilly Elegy doesn’t believe it’s “Ultra MAGA Republicans” who are putting Democracy at risk. 

“I happen to think the biggest threat to American democracy today is Big Technology companies in bed with the communist Chinese who are censoring information about American politics,” Vance said. “This is really, really important because look, Facebook, Twitter, you know, all these companies are now the digital public square. If those companies – which some of them have financial stakes in Communist China – if those companies are censoring information in a way that helps one political party or hurts another political party, I don’t care if it’s my political party being helped or hurt, I don’t want these companies interfering in our elections and I think that happened in 2020.” 

Vance also doesn’t believe Republicans pushing for election integrity laws is an equivalent to “election denying.” 

“I think advocating those common-sense measures does not mean, as some folks in the media say, that you are somehow an election denier,” Vance said. “I want our elections to be as good as they possibly can be. Ohio is a great model, but I think other states could do a lot better.”

Vance vs. Ryan

Vance exited a bloody GOP primary trailing Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan in the general election matchup. 

However, Vance has surged and now leads in the Real Clear Politics average by 3.3-points. 

And he’s led each of the two most recent polls by 5-points. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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