Marjorie Taylor Greene just set the tech establishment straight after a shocking ban that will leave you red with rage

The establishment has marked Marjorie Taylor Greene as an imminent threat.

They dispatched their tech oligarchs to take her down.

Marjorie Taylor Greene just set the tech establishment straight after a shocking ban that will leave you red with rage.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has had a target on her back ever since she won election in 2020.

Democratic politicians—channeling King Henry II and his frustration with Archbishop Thomas Becket—express implicitly to social media giants, “Will no one rid me of this turbulent right-winger?”

That’s when Big Tech swoops in and bans or censors whoever the Left wants.

Twitter competitor Parler was taken out by Apple, Google, and Amazon after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other prominent Democrats publicly blamed the app for January 6th, without evidence, and called for censorship.

The three tech giants obliged.

The same type of collusion is happening to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Twitter permanently banned her for spreading “misinformation” about COVID, and Facebook followed suit.

After being booted from both platforms, Greene wrote on Twitter alternative Gab:

“Facebook has joined Twitter in censoring me. This is beyond censorship of speech. I’m an elected Member of Congress representing over 700,000 US tax paying citizens and I represent their voices, values, defend their freedoms, and protect the Constitution. But apparently they too think the CDC managed #VAERS system on our own government websites are misinformation.”

It’s unconscionable that a sitting member of Congress is being silenced for sharing a counter-narrative opinion.

But this is the precedent that was set when Donald Trump was summarily expelled from every major tech platform.

If the leader of the free world can be digitally assassinated, then taking out a lowly first-term congresswoman is nothing for the establishment and its Big Tech bullies.

Greene continued:

“And to date there has been ZERO investigation into reported Covid deaths from government mandated #covid vaccines. Who appointed Twitter and Facebook to be the authorities of information and misinformation? When Big Tech decides what political speech of elected Members is accepted and what’s not then they are working against our government and against the interest of our people.”

Asking questions about vaccine injury is seemingly not allowed.

Even if the risk is relatively low, people should be able to ask the question.

But that’s not the way the COVID regime wants it.

Democratic politicians and public health officials demand that everyone get the jab no matter what.

Greene committed the cardinal sin of asking questions.

Thinking is slowly being outlawed by the establishment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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