Liz Cheney just got taken to the woodshed by this top world leader

Republican turncoat Liz Cheney is fully invested with Nancy Pelosi in their January 6 committee witch hunt.

Liz Cheney thought carrying Joe Biden and the Democrats’ water on the committee would finally help her get out from under her dad’s shadow on the world stage.

But she just got taken to the woodshed by this top world leader.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rankled British conservatives when he imposed harsh COVID restrictions, but he’s hated by the Labour Party and the international Left for being the man at the helm when British voters claimed their Brexit victory.

Johnson has made enemies on both the Left and the Right but he’s a staunch supporter of the globalists’ foreverwars agenda.  

So Liz Cheney thought they were kindred spirits. 

First, she’s hated by both the political Right — for stabbing Conservatives in the back by joining Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ January 6 witch hunt — and by the Left despite that.   

And she’s done everything possible to prove she’s every bit as big of a warmonger as dear old dad, and former Vice President Dick Cheney — who at one time was widely-regarded as the Left’s most hated politician.

But Boris Johnson’s recent comments absolutely demolished her feeble attempt to get out of her father’s shadow with her front-and-center role helping the Democrats’ January 6th witch hunt.

Johnson sat for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper who asked the prime minister, “So, we’re here at the G7, a gathering of the world’s leading democracies. When I talk to friends in Canada, the UK, Australia and elsewhere, people express concern about the United States in terms of our ability and our institutions to thrive and continue after what happened with the election of 2020. They’re worried that democracy is on life support in the United States. People might not know this about you, but you were born in the United States…Are you worried?”

Tapper was teeing Johnson up to agree with other global leftists who consider resistance to their power grabs as an affront to “democracy.”

And January 6 has been used by establishment elites like Cheney and the Democrats as the epitome of the threat to their established order.

But Johnson did not take the bait.

He replied, “No. I want to say this to the people of the United States. I am not. I think that I just get back to what I have been trying to say to you throughout this interview. I think that reports of the death of democracy in the United States are grossly, grossly exaggerated. America is a shining city on a hill. For me, it will continue to be so.”

Johnson also paid lip service to Biden stepping up, but he triggered Tapper when he said, “And, yes, look, I mean, there were some weird and kind of unattractive scenes back in the—”

That’s when Tapper interjected, “People died. I mean, it was pretty serious.”

Johnson responded, “It was pretty weird. I won’t deny that,” which caused Tapper to fire back, “It was worse than weird.”

Tapper and other Democrats and global elites never had that visceral reaction to the months of terror during the 2020 riots when dozens of people died, police stations were razed, courthouses were firebombed, and billions in property damage were incurred.

Johnson added, “Looking from the outside, it was pretty weird. But I don’t believe that American democracy is under serious threat. Far from it. I continue to believe that America is the greatest global guarantor of democracy and freedom.”

Johnson refused to jump on the narrative pushed by the international Left and Republican turncoats like Liz Cheney who see January 6 as a tool they can use to surveil and silence opponents of the establishment regime.

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