Liberal comedian ransacked the Biden regime’s whole narrative with only three words

The Left are coalescing around a new message.

And that message is in opposition to American freedom.

But one liberal comedian just ransacked their whole narrative with just three words.

Podcast host Joe Rogan gets under the skin of the Left.

Millions of people around the world tune in for his show, much to the frustration of the so-called mainstream media.

One of Rogan’s most effective tactics is when he brings on guests and allows them to hang themselves.

That’s exactly what happened when Rolling Stone Magazine founder Jann Wenner appeared on the show.

Democrat shill made an argument that will have you seeing red

Like so many supposed counter-culture leftists of the past, Wenner firmly works in support of the establishment machine.

Wenner even argued for government censorship of online speech, and Rogan took him to task for it.

Rogan pointedly asked, “You want the government to regulate the internet?”

“Absolutely,” Wenner replied. 

Rogan shot back, “You trust the people who got us into the Iraq War under false pretenses to regulate the internet? Do you think that makes any sense?”

Rogan left Biden regime censorship apologist stammering with just three words

Wenner responded, “Well wait a minute, I would not—the people that got us into the Iraq War—”

Rogan interjected, “It’s the government.”

Wenner said, “[It] was the, no no. Was the politicians [sic].”

Rogan reiterated, “It’s the government.”

Wenner conceded, “In the end, yes It’s the government. But who else is going to regulate Joe?”

Rogan replied, “But if they’re going to be in power and regulate the internet, they’re going to regulate it in a way that suits their best interests. The same way they do in the banking industry, the same way they do with the environment, the same they do with energy, the same way they do with everything. What represents their interests? You’re talking about so much money involved in disseminating information [in] a very very particular way.”

Wenner could not make the connection that the same government that lied America into the Iraq War should not be given absolute authority to control speech on the internet.

Leftists commonly fall into this trap.

They claim to be fighting “the man,” yet they want to give the same entity even more power and control over people’s lives.

Rolling Stone is nothing more than an establishment rag that goes along with whatever trends the Left approve.

Good for Rogan calling out the disaster of allowing The Washington, D.C. Swamp to control all speech on the internet.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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