Joe Biden is about to turn his back on struggling Americans to give this one gift to illegal aliens

Joe Biden is wasting no time in trying to dismantle Trump’s “America First” legacy. 

Top on Biden’s list is ripping apart Trump’s work that was done to secure the border and end illegal immigration. 

And now Joe Biden is about to turn his back on struggling Americans to give this one gift to illegal aliens. 

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) popped off on the Biden administration after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated the idea of having Americans forced to present a negative coronavirus test result before being allowed to travel by airplane within the country. 

This is a literal, “papers, please” proposal.

Meanwhile, Biden was busy reinstating the notorious “catch and release” program whereby illegal aliens are turned loose into the interior of the country and NOT tested for coronavirus. 

This same “catch and release” program is singularly responsible for the deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place. 

Biden campaigned on the idea that he could put a plan into place that would end the so-called pandemic. 

But since taking office, he’s done nothing more than continue what the Trump administration did, and by many counts the Biden administration has done less.

The Trump administration had fought tooth and nail to put a strong policy and infrastructure in place to stop illegal immigration. 

Clearly that isn’t part of Biden’s plan at all. 

Biden is opening the floodgates for illegal immigration. 

That’s because Democrats think their chances of passing mass amnesty would be greater with chaos at the border – just like they thought their chances of beating Trump would be better with “pandemic”-fueled chaos in American cities, and we all know how that ended. 

The Democrats are scheming to add 11,000,000 illegal aliens to the Democrat Party’s voter base with the stroke of a pen, and Biden has already taken the first steps. 

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