Joe Biden bought one of these for every kindergartener – and some parents are furious

In yet another act of astounding arrogance, the Biden administration is proving they think they know more than every parent and pediatrician in America.

Of course, they’re pushing their most invasive mandate yet on children by spending taxpayer money – with plenty of government waste built into the deal.

For many parents, already contemplating how to evade overreaching state mandates, Biden’s plans for his latest mandate is the last straw.

The Biden administration is so confident that the, supposedly independent, FDA will approve pediatric COVID-19 vaccines that they’ve already purchased the shots for every child in the US – and then some.

According to NBC News, the Biden administration has already purchased 65 million vaccination doses for an estimated 28 million children.

You don’t have to be a math genius to realize there’s a huge amount of government waste built into this latest heavy-handed government push.

Even at two doses per child only 56 million would be needed to treat 28 million children.

By ordering an extra nine million doses, they’re building in 16% waste before even getting approval to use this drug on even the youngest school children.

Furthermore, the FDA won’t even be meeting to discuss approving emergency use of the vaccination for children between ages 5 to 11 until October 26.

However, according to the NBC New article, “In anticipation of the FDA green light, the administration has begun planning for the vaccination effort with states, pharmacies and medical groups.”

It seems like the FDA committee is going to feel more than a little pressure to rubber stamp whatever the Biden administration, Pfizer, and BioNTech want.

An even bigger issue than atrocious government waste, is this latest move by leftists to create precedent for stripping parental rights by making medical decisions for every child in the country.

Parents in California are still reeling from Governor Gavin Newsom’s October 1 announcement that all public-school students will be required to get the jab.

For now, ages 12 and up are required to get the shot by the next term following full FDA approval and all students ages 5-11 will have to do the same pending FDA approval.

Actress Kirstie Alley’s October 2 Tweet in response to the new state mandate echoes the sentiment of many parents who are either worried about vaccine safety for medical reasons – or simply sick of the government trying to control every aspect of their lives.

Alley wrote, “WAIT !! CHILDREN IN CALIFORNIA HAVE TO GET 10 VACCINATIONS!! To attend school? INCLUDING COVID? WTF? Run fir the hills!”

Los Angeles mother, Jenny Monir, told The San Diego Union-Tribune it’s all part of a political game rather than an honest public health initiative.

As the paper reported, “[Monir] predicts that parents like her, who oppose the idea of a vaccine mandate, will act by pulling their kids out of public schools. ‘I’m furious. On so many levels,’ she said. ‘We’re just pawns in an elite game.’”

California conservatives have been fleeing the state for years to get out from under far-reaching vaccination mandates, however this latest push makes it clear leftists aren’t satisfied with micromanaging every family’s business in the Golden State.

In spite of Biden’s baseless claim that federal law overrides state law, that’s only true to the extent that state governments give up their rights guaranteed by a federalism model in order to secure federal funding.

Thankfully, a growing list of red states are challenging the Biden administration’s vaccination mandates for private businesses.

The question now is how far states are willing to go to fight back against a federal government that’s spent decades getting control over the purse strings of government schools – and how far the Biden administration will go to use up 65 million doses of vaccine on 28 million children.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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