Jeffrey Epstein and Nancy Pelosi watchdogs have the globalists sweating bullets and dropping hammers

The different rules the elites live by are getting exposed.

Silicon Valley tech titans and their globalist pals can’t have that.

And Jeffrey Epstein and Nancy Pelosi watchdogs have the globalists sweating bullets and dropping hammers.

Twitter was founded on the value of free speech.

Now it ruthlessly censors anyone who challenges the global elite.

Twitter just muzzled Jeffrey Epstein and Nancy Pelosi watchdogs that had the globalists nervous.

While most of the country was captivated by the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, another important one began that’s since been kept quiet by the mainstream media.

Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell who served as his number two is being tried for six charges related to his underage sex trafficking ring.

Despite her connection to Epstein and potentially the global elite involved with him the corporate-controlled media has swept the story under the rug.

Filling the void left by the media a Twitter account named Maxwell Trial Tracker stepped in providing daily updates on the happenings from the trial.

It became one of the most popular accounts on Twitter covering the trial.

The account had over 500,000 followers on Twitter before it was suspended under the vague rules violation of “artificially amplifying information.”

One of the final Tweets from the account before the suspension was a picture of Bill Clinton on one of Epstein’s private jets.

The Free Press Report that ran the Maxwell Trial Tracker lost another watchdog account, “Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker,” to Twitter censorship that same day.

The Nancy Pelosi Portfolio Tracker account used publicly available financial disclosures required by members of Congress to report on Pelosi’s curious financial gains.

It showed that Pelosi’s investments had a 69% annualized rate of return over the past decade, far outpacing even legendary investor Warren Buffett.

It mocked her as one of the world’s greatest investors while documenting her unusual luck in the stock market.

Pelosi’s husband was able to make some well-timed trades of tech stocks while tech companies were facing potential anti-trust legislation in the house that even drew the curiosity of the corporate-controlled media.

After the banning both the Maxwell and Pelosi Trackers moved over to Twitter’s free speech competitor Gab to continue coverage.

The two accounts were banned on the heels of new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal taking over for Jack Dorsey.

Days earlier Twitter banned thousands of anonymous right-wing accounts under flimsy rules violations.

With a new CEO hell bent on censorship, anyone trying to expose the global elite on Twitter is living on borrowed time. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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