J.D. Vance called out the dangerous thing Democrat overlords are doing

The Democrat Media Complex has been on a seek-and-destroy mission targeted at J.D. Vance.

The Left along with establishment RINOs are furious at the idea of him winning a Senate seat.

And Vance called out the dangerous thing Democrat overlords are doing.

Despite endless hit pieces from the corporate press and Never Trump Republicans, J.D. Vance appears to be on pace to win a Senate seat in Ohio.

And one of Vance’s big issues is Big Tech censorship.

Many Republicans have been reluctant to regulate social media companies, but Vance believes that the time has come because they are no longer behaving like private companies.

They are acting as an enforcement arm of the government.

During a recent interview with Breitbart News, Vance explained, “I argue that Big Tech is too powerful and that conservatives need to wake up and realize what moment we’re in and actually go after these guys. The counterargument I always get is, ‘Well, they’re a private company, and of course we believe in free enterprise and we [believe] in capitalism.’”

Vance challenged the counterargument by highlighting recent abuses from the FBI, namely the agency going to Facebook and essentially nudging them to censor the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell report from The New York Post.

He continued, “This a perfect illustration of why that argument is so inadequate…because these guys are not only censoring because the dictates of the market require them to. They’re sometimes censoring because the government shows up at their doorstep that says, ‘Do this, or else,’ and then they do it in a way that affects the presidential election.”

Vance’s argument is also buttressed by a shocking report from independent journalist Alex Berenson, who has been one of the leading reporters exposing the lies and mistakes of the COVID regime.

Joe Biden’s White House directed Twitter to kick Berenson off the platform, and the company did it.

Berenson only got his account back after suing Twitter, which would have exposed them to a damaging discovery process.

Vance added, “According to independent studies — some done by pro-Biden groups — millions of votes were changed because of the lack of coverage of the Hunter Biden story, because it implicates the entire Biden family in corruption, and it wasn’t covered. It wasn’t shared on social media nearly the way it should have been, because our government told Mark Zuckerberg what to do with this digital media company…It is an earth-shattering story…Unless we rein in the technology companies and unless we rein in the amount of power and influence they have over American elections, we’re never going to win the long-term battle.”

It’s unclear if regulation would solve the problem Vance is raising, but it’s very clear that there is a huge problem.

Big Tech companies are leveraging their massive reach to shape the national conversation in support of establishment elites. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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