Hunter and Joe Biden never expected this whistleblower would spill the beans on their crime family

The media elites were invested in Joe Biden winning the 2020 election and put a protective bubble around the whole Biden family.

But that’s all blowing up now.

Because one whistleblower Hunter and Joe Biden never expected is spilling the beans on their terrible acts.

The Biden crime family is finally receiving scrutiny.

And computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac is getting his story out about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

Mac Isaac is the man who worked on Biden’s laptop when he dropped it off at his computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware.

Mac Isaac spoke out publicly in a new interview with Breitbart to spill the beans on everything that went down.

“This customer with the three MacBooks was pretty intoxicated. He approached the counter and the three laptops basically slid out of his hands onto the counter. This kind of gave me a clue as to the individual’s care level when it came to their electronic devices…The smell preceded him. He had balance problems. Speech problems,” Mac Isaac explained.

Mac Isaac said he remembered Hunter because he came into his store right before closing on a Friday night.

And his life would never be the same after that fateful encounter.

Mac Isaac helped Hunter repair one of the three laptops in the shop, determined that the second one had too much liquid damage to be salvaged, and kept the third one to work on it.

He left several messages for Biden to pick up the laptop, but he never did.

After 90 days, Mac Isaac took legal possession of the laptop.

In the course of “spot-checking” his repair of the laptop, he had seen content related to Burisma.

After hearing about the Burisma investigations on the news, he attempted to take the laptop to the FBI.

He recounted, “The FBI is where this had to go. So I give them everything and joke about leaving their names out of any book I write, and this is when Agent Mike [not his real name] says, ‘In our experience, nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about these things’…I was so happy to get that stuff out of my life, it took me a couple of hours before I realized that was a thinly-veiled threat.”

Despite the veiled threat, Mac Isaac was expecting the laptop to be entered into evidence during the sham Ukrainegate impeachment.

But it was not and recounted that he “had watched the FBI get involved with Trump and Russian collusion, and no longer felt that the FBI was a safe bet.”

In August 2020, he finally decided to get the laptop to then-President Trump, so he contacted Rudy Giuliani, who was serving as Trump’s lawyer.

Once the story broke, he received death threats, and was accused of being a Russian asset.

He said, “I had to file a terroristic threat report with the police. Not so many emails or texts, but a lot of stuff about how ‘Putin thanks me for my service’ or how I’m a Russian stooge or how I’m a hacker who’s going to go to prison. That’s what I didn’t get, why people were calling me a criminal…I went to the FBI. If I’d done something wrong, they would have come after me…As far as the allegations about me working for Putin, I can thank 50 intelligence officials for that one. My family served during the Cold War — my father and grandfather — so that didn’t sit well.”

Mac Isaac referred to the 50 intelligence officials who lied and said that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

He also revealed how the corporate-controlled press had absolutely zero interest in reporting on the story accurately.

He revealed, “[T]he day after the story broke, it was October 15 [2019],  and I had CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post in my store. It was immediately obvious they were only there to catch me in a lie. They were not there for the truth. They wanted to catch me revealing their narrative. I told them everything. I offered to show them a photo of Hunter’s signed authorization. They weren’t interested. They were only interested in their narrative. They were only interested in what their trusted government sources were feeding them. So they published nothing I said because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear— that this was a valid, factual, and consequential story.”

Because of the incident, Mac Isaac is facing bankruptcy along with character assassination.

That was his punishment for attempting to do the right thing and crossing the Biden crime family.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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