Hillary Clinton cronies are mobilizing in one major way to help her run in 2024

The wheels have completely come off Joe Biden’s presidency.

With Biden and Kamala Harris being wildly underwhelming as 2024 candidates, the door has opened for Hillary Clinton to reemerge.

And Clinton cronies are mobilizing in one major way to help her run in 2024.

Black Lives Matter has become a major headache for the Democratic Party.

Questions about financial malfeasance have reached a fever pitch, so much so that the states of California and Washington have raised alarms over BLM’s fundraising operations due to severe accounting issues.

AmazonSmile, a platform that allows charitable organizations to fundraise on Amazon, has disassociated from the group.

An Amazon representative said in a statement:

“Charitable organizations must meet the requirements outlined in our participation agreement to be eligible for AmazonSmile. Among other eligibility requirements, organizations are required to be in good standing in their state of incorporation and in the states and territories where they are authorized to do business. Organizations that don’t meet the requirements listed in the agreement may have its eligibility suspended or revoked. Charities can request to be reinstated once they are back in good standing.”

Maybe this was all part of the pretext to set a precedent for shutting down the Conservative groups they really want to go after.

But Hillary Clinton might see it differently.

With BLM, Inc. a distressed asset, Clinton associates are swooping in to rebuild the brand, potentially for a presidential run in 2024.

BLM is now being represented by Democratic super-lawyer Marc Elias, and Clinton ally Minyon Moore will be on the group’s board of directors.

BLM raised at least $90 million in 2020, but claimed to have $60 million in its coffers at the end of the year.

Despite the “tarnished” brand, BLM is a cash cow for Democrats.

Donations to BLM have been funneled through Act Blue, the main Democrat fundraising organization which funds various Democratic campaigns.

The self-proclaimed “trained Marxists” who created BLM have since faded into the background as more people want to know where all of the money went.

Black Lives Matter chapters around the country said they never got a dime from BLM, Inc.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders, blamed white corporations for any accounting discrepancies.

Cullors said:

“People have to know we didn’t go out and solicit the money…This is money that came from white guilt, white corporation guilt, and they just poured money in.”

At least she was honest about the nature of her grift.

Meanwhile, Clinton likely has big plans for BLM when election season rolls around.

Clinton and her cronies’ objective is clear. 

First, they want to leverage BLM’s fundraising for a nauseating Clinton comeback.

Then, they’ll use the group as their radical proxy footsoldiers to shut down dissent and Hillary opponents in 2024. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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