Google made one move that stunned activists inside the company

Big Tech companies have become infested with wokeness.

The effect has been that those companies are spreading the disease to the rest of the world using their reach.

But Google made one move that stunned activists inside the company.

Investigations into Google have shown that it has become unbearably left-wing.

Executives and rank-and-file employees had full-scale meltdowns when Donald Trump won in 2016 that led to crying fits caught on camera.

The company also shockingly fired mild-mannered engineer James Damore for submitting his infamous “Google memo” that suggested there were biological differences between men and women, an obvious position that has become heresy.

And the “woke” employees are throwing a fit again now that the company is bidding on a Pentagon contract.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“Google is pursuing a massive cloud-computing contract with the Department of Defense, nearly three years after abandoning a similar bid process in the face of employee protests…Google’s plan to bid will be a major test of Chief Executive Sundar Pichai’s success in taming what has been an outspoken workforce. In 2018, the company came under fire from employee activists over a Pentagon contract to supply imaging tools used by drones. Several outspoken employees quit.”

The military has begun to go woke, so it seems fitting that Google would be more comfortable working with them.

But that won’t satisfy the braying radicals inside the company.

The Journal continued:

“The company later abandoned the contract and pledged not to allow its artificial-intelligence products to be used in military weapons…Mr. Pichai later scaled back the company’s weekly all-hands meetings known as TGIF. Google also dismissed some outspoken employees. Hundreds of workers have since joined the Alphabet Workers Union. In the wake of news Wednesday that Google plans to bid on the new Pentagon contracts, the union posted on Twitter: ‘Workers will fight this—& we will win again.’”

Google’s involvement with the Department of Defense is concerning on two fronts.

Either rabid leftists are bullying around arguably the most powerful company in the world, or the most powerful company in the world is in bed with the Pentagon at a time when the War on Terror has been turned inward on anyone who questions the establishment.

Google shut down its super-surveillance project Dragonfly for the Chinese Communist Party, so the company has shown only a passing concern for civil liberties.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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