Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV just delivered devastating news to millions of fans about one star on this platform

The outlet released a confused statement.

Many are pondering what’s really going on.

Because Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV just delivered devastating news to millions of fans about one of their stars.

Steven Crowder is a conservative political commentator best known for his daily political podcast, “Louder with Crowder.

Crowder is universally despised by the Left and is often the subject of many YouTube censorship attempts.

In YouTube’s most recent power grab they removed an episode of Crowder’s podcast because they didn’t like the headline.

Steven Crowder posted a snapshot of a notice from YouTube informing him that it had deleted his recent “Louder with Crowder” episode which was entitled “The LEFT Hates Elon Musk Because He’s Too Based!

According to YouTube, the content “violates” the liberal streaming platform’s “hate speech policy.”

It’s been discovered over the last year that these supposed “hate speech” policies many of the Big Tech leftists tout are arbitrary and not targeted at actual hate speech at all, but instead used to suppress dissenting opinions.

Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV – which streams Crowder’s podcast – released a statement saying, “Louder with Crowder will NOT be shown on YouTube for the rest of the year. Why? Your guess is as good as Crowder’s.”

According to records this is the sixth documented case of YouTube either deleting Steve Crowder’s content, suspending him from the platform or demonetizing his channels.

No bias to see here though, right, YouTube?

YouTube is by far the biggest bully in the Big Tech conglomerate.

While Facebook and Twitter don’t lag too far behind, YouTube has become the Left’s go-to for all things censorship.

From censoring even just a mention of Donald Trump to taking down videos by Senator Rand Paul that include actual facts – YouTube will stop at nothing to silence the conservative Right.

Americans need to wake up and begin demanding that leftist platforms like YouTube stop trying to control what they see and hear.

Until then, the Big Tech overlords will continue to decide for you what you’re allowed to do.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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