Former Obama DOD staffer revealed Barack’s fingerprints are all over this terrifying Ukraine cover op

Democrats live and die by the adage never let a crisis go to waste.

And there’s no crisis bigger than a potential nuclear conflict.

And now a former Obama DOD staffer has revealed Barack’s fingerprints are all over this terrifying Ukraine cover op.

Big Tech has already practically hijacked American Culture. 

But that’s not enough for one former Obama administration Department of Defense staffer. 

And she has detailed plans to transform Big Tech into an even more out of control monster.

You thought FBI and Big Tech collusion was bad . . . just wait

The incredible entitlement complex of those on the left runs so deep it’s difficult to comprehend. 

But one thing is certain, whenever a Democrat thinks he or she has a brilliant plan it’s sure to spell disaster. 

And Christine H. Fox, Barack Obama’s former Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense just put her name on a doozy. 

In an article in Foreign Affairs called “Big Tech Goes to War” she’s calling for Washington and Silicon Valley to “work together” to help Ukraine. 

And the underlying message is bone chilling. 

Thanks to social media, much of corporate America almost instantly sided with Ukraine in a conflict that’s rapidly becoming a potential global crisis as Russian President Vladimir Putin becomes increasingly tempted to push the nuclear button. 

Now Fox, who co-wrote the article with a Georgetown University Senior Fellow, is busy chastising Elon Musk for vacillating over how long he’ll keep funding Ukraine’s access to his Starlink Satellite Internet for free. 

Of course, as a Democrat, Fox feels entirely entitled to spend Musk’s fortune by paying for an entire country’s internet without so much as even a “thank you.”

In fact, if she gets her way Big Tech will become some sort of quasi-governmental force controlled by leftist central planners. 

According to Fox, “the U.S. government now needs to build relationships and a plan for coordination in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine and before another crisis emerges elsewhere.”

The Lefts wants full-blown, Chinese-Communist-style shackles on the Internet

It’s a short trip from dictating how private companies should take supposedly voluntary “corporate responsibility” and China’s Communist “Common Prosperity” crackdown. 

While Fox has plenty to complain about when it comes to Elon Musk, left-leaning Microsoft seemingly can’t do anything wrong.

We can only imagine how “building relationships” between Big Tech companies and the deep state will give leftists organizations an advantage when it comes to pushing their more freedom minded competition out of the marketplace. 

In addition to “going to war” in Ukraine, Big Tech has already started waging war on the right here at home with one notable case being when Twitter alternative Parler temporarily got shut down with major tech companies, including Amazon Web Services, Apple, and Google deciding they weren’t really into free speech in the days after the January 6 brouhaha.

It’s no wonder Big Tech wants to silence Trump Supporters it already played a massive role in making sure he didn’t get reelected by coordinating across the board to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story—a move that a poll taken after the election prevented Joe Biden from losing 17% of his votes. 

But in spite of the clear ethical implications, Fox is all for bureaucrats and Big Tech cozying up even more.  

“Initially, these engagements should be at senior levels because decisions are being made and driven by the top,” she continued. “Frequent informal exchanges would help national security leaders gain an appreciation of the impact of and potential responses to corporate-specific challenges, such as threats to overseas infrastructure or employees.” 

Really? “Frequent informal exchanges” between government and industry sounds an awful lot like a political scandal.  

“Ideally, over time, government and industry partners could form close working relationships at senior and middle levels that government leaders could more readily use to anticipate corporate actions and to coordinate in the midst of a crisis.”

Chances are any crisis those Big Tech Dictocrats and their friends in Big Government are dealing with will be of their own making. 

And if they keep moving down this path, the intense lobbying efforts scrutinized in the past will be nothing compared to how a few powerful corporations will manage to wield power. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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