FBI Director Chris Wray forced one stunning act that proves the Deep State is running scared on January 6

Joe Biden unleashed the Department of Justice in truly terrifying ways.

Republicans have a lot of questions about the behavior of the DOJ.

Now FBI Director Christopher Wray has forced one stunning act that proves the Deep State is running scared on January 6.

The Republicans did not perform as well as expected in the Midterms, but they still took back the House of Representatives.

That means Republicans now have oversight, and they can start getting to the bottom of so much corruption within the Biden administration.

FBI Director retires Field Office chief who oversaw Whitmer plot and J6 investigation

Dr. Anthony Fauci already announced his retirement effective in December—right before the new Congress is sworn in—and now FBI Director Christopher Wray is retiring Steven D’Antuono, the man who oversaw the Gretchen Whitmer plot as well as January 6.

The botched plot to kidnap Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer included 26 people, and 12 of them were feds, in an operation clearly instigated by the FBI and put forward as proof of a supposed “right-wing extremism” epidemic.

D’Antuono did such a “good” job in Michigan, he was promoted to the DC field office and oversaw January 6th, including the investigation into the person who planted pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC. 

That investigation has gone absolutely nowhere, yet virtually every other person who set foot in Washington, D.C. on or around January 6th has been identified.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness wrote on Twitter that “Chris Wray announcing new head of DC FBI field office right after the election. As I reported a few weeks ago, Steven D’Antuono—responsible for agents, informant in Whitmer then promoted to DC—is retiring this month. Obviously an attempt to thwart congressional inquiries. D’Antuono led investigation into Jan 6; still hasn’t found the ‘pipe bomber’; sent agents to arrest Peter Navarro at Reagan airport; sent agents to Mar A Lago raid. Now he’s hightailing it out of the bureau before GOP (likely) takes House.”

The Deep State appears to be closing ranks in anticipation of the Republicans taking control of the House.

People like Wray do not want Republicans asking uncomfortable questions about January 6th, such as why so few Capitol police were assigned to work that day.

Kelly added, “About a week after law enforcement authorities announced arrests in the [Whitmer] case on October 8, 2020, D’Antuono was rewarded with a plum assignment: head of the Washington FBI field office where he had worked on two other occasions, including a 2008 stint as supervisor of the public corruption and government fraud squad. FBI Director Christopher Wray presumably promoted D’Antuono for helping to bolster one of the FBI’s most absurd and fact-free political narratives—that ‘white supremacist’ terrorists pose a danger to the country.”

It’s hard to imagine D’Antuono retiring so soon after getting a coveted promotion if the Democrats maintained the House.

Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland do not want him talking under oath.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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