Fact-checking site is pushing one false Trump narrative to excuse Biden’s sagging economy

Joe Biden’s leaky administration is taking on water fast.

The Democrat Media Complex is desperately attempting to circle the wagons around him.

And now, a fact-checking site is pushing one false Donald Trump narrative to excuse Biden’s sagging economy.

“Bidenflation” just hit 7.9%, the highest inflation numbers since 1982, and if using the old Consumer Price Index methodology, it’s the worst since the 1940s.

Democrats are desperate to shift blame away from Joe Biden and the Democrats, and they’re using the corporate press to do it.

The Left are also laundering their ideas through “objective” fact-checking sites like Politifact.

The left-leaning fact-checking organization rated the following claim as “false”:

“‘Gas is high because they shut down production in the U.S.’ under the Biden administration.”

Politifact then explained:

“Gas prices soared to an average $4.173 per gallon on March 8, according to AAA, breaking a 2008 record. Oil production in the U.S. in President Joe Biden’s first year was on par with 2020 and higher than in three of the four years Trump was president. Increased consumer demand, inflation and the war in Ukraine are among the factors in the rising price at the pump, experts say.”

This is incredibly misleading.

First, Donald Trump took over for Barack Obama, who kneecapped the energy sector with his regulatory policies and his push for green technology.

It took time for Trump’s deregulation efforts and tax cuts to take effect.

Biden has done nothing to spur oil production.

In fact, he’s done the exact opposite.

Biden nixed the Keystone XL pipeline, canceled fracking projects on public lands, and instead made a commitment to more green energy boondoggles.

The Biden administration has also slow-walked licenses for drilling projects, so many oil companies are stuck in a holding pattern.

Politifact even acknowledged inflation played a role, and that was caused mainly by bad monetary policy.

Biden paid people to stay home, and forced others out of work with his vaccine mandate.

All of those issues have factored into the price of oil increasing.

The war in Ukraine will affect gas prices, but Russia’s invasion is recent—the price of gas has steadily risen since Biden assumed office.

The problem has gotten so bad, Biden has begged OPEC nations to export more oil, but he’s shown such weakness on the world stage they’ve rebuffed him repeadedly.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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