Fact checkers suppressed this photo of Donald Trump for an outrageous reason

So-called fact checkers are more concerned with pushing a leftist agenda than with actual facts. 

They especially can’t stand anything that shows President Trump in a favorable light.

And fact checkers suppressed this photo of Donald Trump for an outrageous reason.

On the anniversary of 9/11, journalist Jack Posobiec posted a photo on Instagram of Donald Trump visiting the World Trade Center in 2001.

All Posobiec wrote was “No one told him to go. He went anyway.”

Instagram flagged the photo as “missing context.”

Snopes rated the photo as “partly false,” saying “Was Donald Trump at Ground Zero searching for survivors two days at 9/11 with workers he paid for?”

Snopes said the claim that Donald Trump brought people to Ground zero was “unproven.”

Lead Stories, another so-called “fact checker” claimed the post was “missing context,” saying there was “No evidence that Donald Trump paid hundreds of workers to help with search and rescue after 9/11.”

Of course, Posobiec made no such claim that Donald Trump had hired any workers or brought anyone with him. 

He merely showed a photo of Trump at Ground Zero, which he was. 

The so-called fact checkers are checking claims that no one even made. 

As a result of these “fact checks,” the photo’s reach was suppressed.

This is just another example of the so-called fact checkers suppressing something they don’t like.  

The photo of Donald Trump at Ground Zero following the 9/11 terror attacks shows that he is a patriotic American. 

But since they couldn’t come up with any actual claim to fact check, Snopes and Lead Stories simply made one up. 

This is one of the worst examples of a straw-man from the left-wing fact checkers. 

These same fact checkers routinely give leftists a pass on outrageous claims while using anything they can come up with to censor conservatives. 

Trump in fact did visit Ground Zero, as shown in the photo. 

That these fact checkers would try to paint it as not true by saying that Posobiec claimed something he didn’t is really low, even for them.

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