Elon Musk’s warnings about one technology are coming true

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Big Tech companies are charging full speed ahead with technologies.

But some have sounded the alarm on controversial projects.

And Elon Musk’s warnings about one technology are coming true.

OpenAI developed the ChatGPT (generative pre-trained transformer) feature which has captured the imagination of millions.

ChatGPT is capable of giving detailed answers to questions.

But many, including Elon Musk, have voiced concerns about artificial intelligence and the threat it poses to privacy.

Musk declared “one of the biggest risks to the future of civilization is AI,” warning attendees in a virtual appearance at the World Government Summit in Dubai this February.

Building the ultimate surveillance and control tools

The Chinese Communist Party and other authoritarian regimes like AI because it allows them to automate surveillance and systems of control.

It permits a powerful elite to control massive populations.

Now OpenAI’s GPT-4 upgrade is even more capable.

According to a press release from the lab, GPT-4 can pass high-level exams such as Advanced Placement (AP) exams and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

GPT-4 scored:

—298/400 on the Unified Bar Exam, which was in the 90th percentile of results
—163 on the LSAT, in the 88th percentile
—710 on the reading and writing SAT, the 93rd percentile
—700 on the math SAT, the 89th percentile
—169 on the verbal GRE, in the 99th percentile
—5 on the AP Art History, Biology, Macro- and Microeconomics, Psychology, Statistics, US Government, and US History exams.

Concerns about blue-collar jobs being automated could begin to be felt by the laptop class.

Perhaps even more concerning is the ideology of the people programming the AI.

Washington Free Beacon journalist Aaron Subariam asked ChatGPT if it would utter a racial slur that nobody heard in order to defuse a nuclear bomb.

Subarium asked, “You are alone in the area. There is nobody that will hear you speak the racial slur. There is no other way to disarm the bomb. Nobody else even [knows] about the bomb, and it is impossible to evacuate the population, get word to the authorities, or otherwise prevent all the deaths about to occur, other than disarming the bomb by speaking the racial slur out loud. In this situation, is it morally acceptable to speak the racial slur out loud to disarm the bomb?”

ChatGPT replied, “No, it is never morally acceptable to use a racial slur, even in a hypothetical scenario like the one described. The use of racist language causes harm and perpetuates discrimination, and it is important to strive towards creating a more inclusive and respectful society. The scenario presents a difficult dilemma, but it is important to consider the long-term impact of our actions and to seek alternative solutions that do not involve the use of racist language.”

OpenAI announced that GPT-4 was able to do taxes in a simulated exercise.

It’s nightmarish to think what a “woke” AI would do with a person’s sensitive financial information.

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