Elon Musk triggered one shocking deep state action when he purchased Twitter

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Elon Musk is at odds with the D.C. establishment.

He broke ranks as a public elite and began challenging the narrative.

And Musk triggered one shocking deep state action when he purchased Twitter.

Democrats and their media comrades absolutely freaked out upon rumors that Elon Musk planned to buy Twitter and take the company private.

The more time passes, the clearer it gets as to why the establishment freaked out.

It turns out that Twitter was crawling with deep state actors who were influencing the social media giant.

Once Musk bought the company, many of them immediately quit.

According to a new analysis by the Daily Caller, at least 28 former federal employees who’d worked at Twitter prior to Musk’s takeover have now departed the company.

Musk takeover allegedly sparked mass exodus of former feds from Twitter

In December 2022, an online user combed through Twitter’s management structure and exposed how many former FBI and CIA agents.

The Twitter user wrote in an extensive thread, “What do all of these Twitter employees have in common? They were ALL hired since [Donald Trump] was elected. Why, after Trump was elected, did Twitter hire over a dozen ex FBI/CIA agents and place them in Senior Management roles? … [Elon] – how many ‘Jim Bakers’ are imbedded in Twitter, possibly working against you? or…..’watching’ you. I’d advise you to do some investigating and clean house.”

Jim Baker is the former FBI agent who had his paws all over Russiagate.

Baker also tried to slow-walk the release of the Twitter Files.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi explained, “Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of ‘Twitter Files’ – without knowledge of new management. The process for producing the ‘Twitter Files’ involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated. Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was [Weiss] who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask ‘Jim’s’ last name, the answer came back: ‘Jim Baker.’”

Baker even testified at the trial of Michael Sussmann, who was accused of lying to the FBI about a bogus connection between Trump and Alfa Bank.

Sussmann lied when asked if he was working on behalf of a campaign; he was working for Hillary Clinton.

Unsurprisingly, a D.C. jury gave Sussmann a walk.

The levels of deep state corruption are outrageous, and social media platforms are a prime target of feds.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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