Donald Trump broke the Left and now one “watchdog” says it shows a need for one bone-chilling ban

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These days watchdog groups play a critical role in checking overreaching politicians and their banana republic tactics.

But everything is shifting after Donald Trump managed to break the Left in a single televised appearance.

And now one “watchdog” says that Trump breaking the Left shows a need for this bone-chilling ban.

The day Donald Trump won his first term in office in 2016 marked the end of an era.

Members of the corporate-controlled press dropped all pretensions of impartiality and started lobbying aggressive verbal assaults at the President-elect.

By election night in 2020, even Fox News was subtly cozying up to Joe Biden’s campaign team, calling Arizona for the Democrat long before it was even remotely possible to know how the chips would land.

Now on the cusp of yet another Presidential campaign season, one so-called watchdog group has floated a wildly un-American idea.

CNN’s “Town Hall” turned into a highly-rated dumpster fire for the floundering network.

No doubt they planned to ambush Former President Donald Trump the same way they did with Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Instead, it turned into a campaign-making event for Trump.

Those on the Left, even some of CNN’s own, called it an unmitigated disaster for Democrats almost instantly.

And that prompted Mediaite—a supposed impartial media watchdog —to make a radical suggestion: media companies should nix live audiences from news events.

Leftist wants to ban pro-Trump live audiences

That’s right, rather than learn from the crowd’s reaction to host Kaitlan Collins, according to Mediaite Senior Editor Joe DePaolo CNN should just silence the crowd so their thought leaders can dominate the national conversation.

DePaolo took issue with the moment Donald Trump tore into Collins, the former President’s longtime CNN antagonist.

“About one hour into what was already an unmitigated disaster for Chris Licht’s CNN, former President Donald Trump shot a scornful look at his inquisitor, Kaitlan Collins. He’d already had a number of testy exchanges with her. But now, he was sizing her up for the kill shot,” DePaolo wrote.

‘“You’re a nasty person, I’ll tell you,’ Trump said. And with that, the crowd of approximately 400 people — a crowd which CNN identified as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents — went absolutely berserk,” he added. “They hooted. They hollered. They whooped it up as their hero made mince meat of the fake news.”

Incredibly, DePaolo concluded from the event that Trump’s triumph during the town hall was not based on reason or the sentiments of Republicans at large.

Instead, it was wholly owed to the reaction of the crowd in that room and that ultimately it prevented the event from including a “substantive question and answer session.”

“The 400 people in that audience unquestionably shaped viewers’ perceptions about what they were watching,” DePaolo continued. “Trump’s supporters watched with glee every time the crowd burst into applause. His detractors watched in horror. Either way, viewers couldn’t help but react to the reactions.”

The truth is that CNN got exactly what it deserved.

After spending years painting Trump supporters as complete nutcases—keeping in mind that about half the country voted for him in 2020—they’ve earned the ire of the Right.

The master show men at CNN

The real question is why CNN thought it could put Donald Trump and 400 Republicans/Independents in a room and get a different result.

Of course, given the ratings triumph the Trump Town Hall was, perhaps that was by design.

If CNN believes that Independents would break hard against Trump in the General Election – but they really want the ratings Trump brings in the meantime – then they just might try to convince GOP voters that he’s won more Independents than he has.

All it would take is a few network hosts feigning righteous indignation about the “decision to platform Trump” as a means of apologizing to their core anti-Trump audience.

There’s no denying that CNN has made a conscious decision to go after anti-Trump viewers with Trump before.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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